Dear Churches and Nonprofits – Excellence Matters!

I love the ministry philosophy of Jack Graham, “Excellence in all things, and all things to the glory of God.” Today, Seth Godin hammers this truth home in his blog entitled The problem with non. His point? Nonprofits are usually too timid to be excellent enough to compete.

I sometimes become frustrated with the ministry approach to technology and design. “But we’re a church, shouldn’t it all be free or really, really cheap?” I believe in helping ministries and nonprofits in these areas, but we sometimes fail to value that which costs us nothing.

I can see a striking difference between nonprofits that show up to compete and those who don’t. You can tell when a church senses a call to excellence. They do things differently. They do things well.

Here’s the bottom line – get over the “poor us, it’s so tough to be a nonprofit organization, we’ll just have to beg” attitude and start striving, pushing, driving, and achieving. Excellence matters and certainly your cause is worth it, right? I wonder if you lead in a way that tells everyone else how worthy it is?

And a bonus – here are some great tips for designing a nonprofit website!