Brandon CoxWhen a leader grows, the world gets better.

Healthy churches, led by healthy leaders… GROW!

Sadly, most churches aren’t growing. And most leaders are struggling.

Chances are, you want to:

  • attract more first-time guests
  • move attenders into membership
  • recruit more volunteers
  • develop more leaders
  • equip more people to live on mission

Too many leaders are leading alone. I’ve been there. When I started planting Grace Hills Church in Northwest Arkansas, I was trying to clear each hurdle the best I could by reading books and blogs about each new challenge.

Finally, I reached out to someone who had, himself, once planted and led a growing church. He talked me through every major decision I needed to make for two years, and we grew. We’re still growing today, in fact.

I view coaching as an ongoing conversation in which I come alongside you to help you understand and fulfill your vision, overcome obstacles and tackle the issues keeping you up at night using powerful questions and proven solutions.

During our coaching appointments (usually via video), we will spend an hour together assessing where you are, where you need to go, and the best way to get there. Typically, I’m walking leaders through topics such as:

  • How to create a growth culture around you.
  • How to craft and cast a compelling vision.
  • How to get unstuck and break through the next barrier.
  • Designing your church planting launch timeline.
  • Implementing a discipleship process in the local church.
  • Using social media and improving church communications.
  • How to think bigger, start smaller, and go “all in.”
  • Going big on a small budget.
  • Adding and structuring staff and leadership development systems.

Coaching is not a glorified book club. Rather, coaching is heavy on content, conversation, and a personal connection.

I believe that any and all credit for any success belongs solely with God who alone redeems people and grows his church (it’s not yours or mine, after all). I also believe, however, that God expects the people he has called into leadership to do everything they can to thrive and to lead thriving churches!

I’ve served churches of every size, from rural churches of fifty to a suburban church of a couple hundred attenders, to the staff of one of America’s largest churches, Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. My wife, Angie, and I started Grace Hills church five years ago with one family and we now see an average of about 500 attenders each weekend.

Out of those experiences (which include plenty of failures and missteps that I will gladly share, too), I’d love to help you get unstuck and get growing!

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

I wish that I could provide coaching to everyone at no cost at all, but coaching requires a significant time investment on my part, and time is a scarce resource. So just as we pay physicians to keep us healthy, I believe we sometimes need to compensate coaches and counselors to keep us healthy personally.

It’s also a more successful process if it also involves an investment on your part.

And, I believe good coaching pays for itself many times over, and that’s why I pay for good coaching myself.

In fact, there’s a greater cost in not being coached and staying stuck! That’s why I’ll say, if you don’t get coaching from me, get it somewhere!

The cost of one-on-one coaching is $180 per month

What’s Next?

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