Launch a beautiful, easy-to-use and easy-to-find website for your church that reaches new guests and engages members
without having to touch any code, set up any servers, or break the bank to get online! 


“My wife searched Google for ‘churches’ near us and this church was the first result. It’s been our church home ever since!

“We love it here, and we tell everybody about it!”

That’s what a faithful member of our church said when sharing his story about coming back to the Christian faith after not attending church for thirty-five years.

Now, he’s plugged in! Thriving and growing in his faith. Serving others, leading a team, and mentoring other guys.

And that relationship started on our church’s website!

But in spite of the fact that an effective church website works so well to reach new potential guests…


Too many churches still have NO website.


Their website doesn’t come up in search results.


Their website is outdated and ugly because it’s been too much hassle to try to keep it maintained.


They’re spending WAY too much money paying someone to design and maintain their website!

If you’re a pastor, church secretary, or church staff member, you know how hard it is to figure out this issue. 

 ❓ How much should a church website cost?

When I designed church websites, some could cost $3,000 to $5,000 or more, depending on the features.

 ❓ Can… or should… a volunteer design it?

Many volunteers mean very well, but get busy doing other things and aren’t “in the loop.”

 ❓ What in the world is website hosting?

Or for that matter, what is CSS, HTML, an SSL? What if our website gets hacked?

 ❓ Why doesn’t the website look right on my phone?

This is essential. More than half of the people searching for churches near you are doing so on their phone!

A good church website can make or break your ability to be seen, get noticed, and invite new visitors to your services.

But a good church website can cost a LOT of money.

It can take weeks or sometimes months to build. 

It needs to be secure. 

It needs to be optimized for search engines. 

It needs to look as good, or better, on mobile devices and cell phones than it does on a desktop computer.

And it needs to include all the right information, be interactive so people can reach out to us, and be able to show videos of recent sermons, and more.

If you find a freelance designer who will actually complete a custom website design for your church, you’ll spend several thousand dollars. 

If you go with a large design agency, you’ll pay tens of thousands, plus huge monthly maintenance fees.

And if you decide to do it yourself but lack a thorough knowledge of CSS, HTML, server maintenance, and security issues, you could wind up with a website that’s hard to maintain, takes up a ton of time, and gets hacked by people who want to divert your members’ attention to all kinds of nefarious destinations on the interwebs.

Thankfully, there’s a solution!

Ministry Website Designs is your powerful, affordable, turn-key, never-touch-any-code, a volunteer-can-manage-it, beautifully-designed, mobile-friendly, easy-to-maintain, sermon-video-hosting website solution that won’t break your budget!

I’ve used tons of different church website solutions. 

In fact, I’ve designed dozens of church websites over the last fifteen years and even built a successful custom church website design business.

But I’ve never seen a ready-to-go church website platform quite like this one… especially for the price!

Ministry Website Designs Features:

  A simple, drag-and-drop church website builder that allows anyone to be the designer. 

✅  Hands on customer support, with screen-sharing, to fix problems and help you when you need help.

  Online tithing and giving so you can receive and manage offerings right on your church website.

  Unlimited pages and storage, so you’ll never have surprising fees for doing too much creating.

  Email addresses to go with your domain, so people can reach you  

  Unlimited storage for sermons so you can share your most recent messages and all of your message archives.

✅  Beautifully designed, ready-to-go templates that are mobile-friendly and look great on cell phones!

The best part of Ministry Website Designs, beyond the awesome platform and the attentive customer service, is definitely the price!

When I designed websites for churches, it took so much time to write the code, integrate the content management system, set up the hosting, get all the content arranged, and then revise and revise and revise again… the final cost would usually be several thousand dollars for the smaller jobs.

Ministry Website Designs is different because it’s both simple, and affordable. 

There’s a one-time set up fee of $1,000 (instead of the $3,000 to $5,000 price so common with hiring a freelance developer).

And then, there’s a monthly $20 fee that covers the hosting, the email storage, the sermon storage, the SSL (which keeps your website secure), and the ongoing support.

That’s crazy affordable in this industry!

Furthermore, there are no hidden feesno contracts (you can cancel anytime – not that you’ll want to), and no surprise limitations with increased billing later.

It’s $1,000 once, plus $20 per month. For life. 

Ready to check it out and see a live demo?

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with Ministry Website Designs and should you click through and purchase a package, I would receive a commission. This does not affect your price, and I’m recommending them because I believe they offer an incredible solution for church and ministry websites.

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