Dear Children's Cup, Happy 25th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Childrens Cup

Just a few months ago, a team of people from Grace Hills visited Belize City to explore a potential partnership with Children’s Cup, which has now been sharing the gospel and serving the needs of the world’s underprivileged for twenty-five years.

Since that time, we’ve followed through and have now sponsored over fifty kids in Belize, helping them with physical, spiritual, and educational needs. That means that members of Grace Hills are giving over $2,000 per month, apart from their regular tithes and offerings, through this awesome organization.

We’re planning a trip in November to do some work on the ground, and in some senses, we’re just joining into what God has already been blessing for the last two and a half decades.

Having met and spent some personal time with Ben Rodgers, the Director, I’m moved by their mission, by his sincerity, and by the kind of work they do.

So, Children’s Cup, Happy 25th Birthday!

Keep going!

Here’s what Children’s Cup has to say about their big milestone…

As we reflect on the first 25 years of Children’s Cup, our team is humbled by how God has built this dream moment by moment to change the world through the lives of children! YOU have played a part in that! Whether you’ve been praying, giving, going or sharing with others about this mission, we couldn’t have reached the children and families we have without you.

In honor of our 25th anniversary, we have a special message for you! In the video above, Susan Rodgers, the daughter of the Children’s Cup founders, Dave and Jean Ohlerking, tells us the story of how Children’s Cup began. It’s a story of how God asked one man to be a part of a kingdom mission that has since invited ALL of us to play a part in loving and serving the “least of these” around the world!

If you’re looking for a nonprofit, charity, or NGO to support, I know of several to contribute your time, talent, and treasure to, and Children’s Cup is one of my favorites!

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