What's the Best Pocket Knife to Carry if You're Looking for Trouble?

Pocket Knife

My grandfathers always carried pocket knives. So has my Dad. And I’m sure their fathers before them did as well.

I haven’t always carried one, but lately I’ve become a little obsessed with making sure I have it on me.

I’m not a survivalist, per se, though I like the idea of surviving a little longer.

I’m not in the habit of frequenting rough joints at odd hours. But lately, I’ve been looking for trouble.

It’s all because a friend of mine showed me this commercial…

If you’re even remotely like me, you want to carry a knife now too, right?

Men have two terrible tendencies. One…

We run after all of the wrong kind of trouble.

Out of our fear that we’re aren’t man enough, we set out prove that we are, but since we don’t have any real confidence, we swing wildly and break stuff. Like reputations and relationships.

But the other extreme is equally dangerous and, I believe, the culprit for much of where our society is right now.

We run from the right kind of trouble.

Is there a right kind of trouble? Oh yeah, plenty of it.

For me, there is sin in my life that needs to be confronted head on, bravely and courageously.

I have a wife who needs to be pursued, served, loved, and won over. That’s trouble.

I have a daughter. She’s fourteen, beautiful, and awesome. But she’s also smarter than me, so that’s trouble.

The world is a mission field.

There are hungry people who need some movement to sweep them up and take care of them. Thank God for the women who’ve done amazingly on this front, but we need more men up on the front lines where the trouble is.

There are oppressed, defenseless people being picked on by bullies here at home and abroad. They need to be defended by some men who are ready for trouble.

There are women and children being captured, bought, and sold into all kinds of slavery. They need the hope that some men who are ready for trouble are coming for them.

Get a pocket knife.

Carry it daily as a reminder… The world is full of trouble, and we’ve spent too much time hoping it doesn’t notice us.

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