75+ Highlights from Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt

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It’s Monday morning (at least, I’m writing this on Monday morning). I’ve come to LOVE Monday mornings!

One of the reasons I love Monday mornings is because of what I do on Sunday nights. Just before going to bed, I take five minutes and do a quick mental preview of the week.

What are my appointments?
What projects do I need to work on?
What am I preaching on next week?


What are my “big three?”

That is, what are my BIG three things I’m going to accomplish this week that will help me reach the goals I set at the beginning of the year.

Completing three big tasks feels way better than not completing fifteen small tasks.

That’s one of the big principles I’ve learned from Michael Hyatt. He’s been a CEO of a major Christian publishing company and a best-selling author in the area of goals and productivity.

One of his books is titled Your Best Year Ever, and it’s good! I wrote down roughly 75 highlights from the book that I review now and then.

A few of my favorites include…

Entity theorists think their abilities are set in stone. You’ve heard people say this: “I’m just no good at x, y, or z.” These are the scarcity thinkers. Researchers call the second group incremental theorists. When they struggle with an obstacle, they just look for new approaches to the problem. They know there’s a workaround or a solution if they just keep working at it. These are the abundance thinkers.


The best way to overcome limiting beliefs is to replace them with liberating truths. It’s possible to upgrade our beliefs.

And also…

People lose their way when they lose their why.


And I want to share ALL of those highlights with you!

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