How to Find Deep Satisfaction for All of Eternity

Broken Cisterns

The prophet Jeremiah spoke on God’s behalf when he said,

My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.

~ Jeremiah 2:13 NIV

The implication is clear. God offers himself to each and every one of us as the ultimate source of contentment, fulfillment, and satisfaction in life. If you’re unfulfilled, run into your relationship with God.

But instead of drinking continually from our relationship with God, we look all kinds of other places to fix our brokenness and to satisfy our longings.

Sometimes, it’s gossip. Or spending money. Or watching pornography. Or constant partying. Or sleeping around. We have hundreds of options to choose form when it comes to our sources of temporary fulfillment.

All of those pursuits always leave us wanting. We drink and drink from them, yet remain thirsty because we aren’t spending our time at the spring of living water which flows and flows with life and vitality forever – our relationship with God.

You’ll never find what you’re really looking for, deep down, in any other source but God himself, who invites you to taste and drink deeply and freely of his flowing presence.