From Burnout to Breakthrough

Breakthrough Coaching with Brandon Cox


One-on-One Coaching to Help Christian Leaders Move from Burnout to Breakthrough, Experience Personal Renewal, and Catch a Fresh Vision for Leading a Healthy, Growing Organization

A world, a church, a company, or a family in crisis all demand the same solution – healthy, visionary leadership! But leadership is messy.

Christian leaders are burning out at an alarming rate. In January of 2021, 29% of pastors had considered quitting. By March of 2022, that number had risen to 42%. And things aren’t getting any easier.

I want to help!

Brandon Cox

How I Can Help YOU

My burnout to breakthrough coaching is designed to help you…

  • Remember why you fell in love with leadership, recover your vision, and experience a fresh start with renewed energy and passion.
  • Assess your real “soul health,” unwire the lies that hold you back, and unlock the answers that lie deep within you to your biggest challenges.
  • Reconnect with your identity, recognize your giftedness, and clarify how you were wired to lead and expand your influence.
  • Equip you with a deep understanding of how your experiences have shaped you and how to let your pain work for you and not against you.
  • Develop and practice your own set of spiritual disciplines to create the capacity for God’s Spirit to work powerfully in your life.
  • Build strong relationships at home, at work, among peers, and in your community so you have the support system you need.
  • Transfer your strengths and confidence to those you lead so your whole team (church, company, department, etc.) gets the win!
  • Leave a legacy of both faithfulness and fruitfulness that impacts everyone downstream from your leadership.


Who Is This Program For?

Pastors, Priests, and Clergy who need a refreshed vision for leading the church.

Corporate directors, managers, and team leaders who want to go deeper to go further.

Solopreneurs who are ready to get unstuck and take their business to the next level.

Church planters who want to get off the plateau and create fresh momentum.

Nonprofit leaders hoping to inspire an organization and its constituents.

Why is it that, even after the height of the pandemic, social unrest, and a contentious presidential election in 2020, Christian leaders are faring worse on a personal and professional level, not better?

I believe the reason so many leaders feel weary and burned out has to do with challenges coming from two directions.

#1: The world around us is changing rapidly. As a society, we are more polarized, more disconnected, more consumeristic, and more driven by workaholism than ever before.


#2: Leaders lack the wholeness and confidence necessary to navigate the turbulent waters of leading in this present cultural moment.

And here’s the thing. You cannot control the external, cultural realities affecting you. So the solution to feeling weary and burned out is not found in making other people behave differently.

The answers are… within you. The Spirit of God, who dwells within you, has all the solutions you need. And he uses his word, other people, and your personal experiences to equip you for the desperately needed work of effective leadership!

My Burnout Story

The Mountaintop

The year 2019 lives in my memory as a sweet season of what most people would define as “success.”

Almost a decade earlier, I had joined the staff of Saddleback Church in southern California to help Pastor Rick Warren relaunch I was tasked with serving pastors and church leaders through personal encouragement, helpful training content, and a supportive online community.

It went very well. We saw tremendous growth! At the same time, the conversations we were having among Saddleback’s leadership were all about church planting, and my wife, Angie, and I had been talking about church planting for years.

So we engaged in some pivotal conversations and, then next thing we knew, we were being commissioned and sent back to Northwest Arkansas to plant a Saddleback daughter church. I would continue to lead the team remotely, and even assist the Purpose Driven Church training team in equipping leaders as well.

Over the course of the next decade, our new church grew from one family (ours) to an average weekly worship attendance of around 500 people (pre-Covid) with eight paid staff. We planted three other new daughter churches, launched a thriving nonprofit, made disciples, and baptized new believers.

Life was pretty awesome! Church was great! The world was a place of peace and rhythm!

And then it happened.

2020, that is.

2020 “happened.” And if you led through that year, you know what I mean.

What I would come to call the “unholy trinity” of a global pandemic, a cultural reckoning with racism and racial injustice, and a highly contentious presidential election further exposed so many of the weaknesses within the institutional church.

Nobody could agree on the right approach to masking, social distancing, and online-only worship.

Then everybody was arguing about whether systemic racism existed in America.

And then we couldn’t agree on who our national leaders should be. The election cycle got messy and all kinds of relationships were shuffled.

By April of 2021, I was done. Exhausted. Depleted. Burned out.

And I stepped down as Lead Pastor.

The Long Dark Valley

I descended from the 2019 mountaintop into the deepest, darkest valley of my life. 

I experienced an identity crisis. If I wasn’t a pastor, who was I? Of what use could I be if I wasn’t doing the one thing I felt I was created, called, and gifted to do?

I experienced a faith crisis. While Jesus never let me go, I wanted to be done with the church – at least the church as I’d known it. I became resentful about how Christians, in general, had acted over the last few years and I couldn’t reconcile it with what I knew about Jesus’ life and teachings.

I experienced multiple relational crises. My marriage survived (and is stronger now than ever), but it was put to the test because I became so self-focused and determined to chart my own course. I lost friends – some because they no longer understood or accepted me, and others because I simply withdrew and stayed away from people.

And I experienced a professional crisis. I got my real estate license, started picking up website design work again, and tried to diminish my former life as a pastor.

Climbing Out of the Cave

In the Spring of 2022, I finally got tired of being tired. I decided to take some powerful actions and turn things around.

I did a lot of repenting. And apologizing. And reading. And talking to counselors and coaches.

Slowly, I emerged from the cave, determined to lead well and invest my life into other people.

My pastor, Rick Warren, had said often, “Your greatest ministry will most likely come from your deepest pain.” And my friend, David Williams, said, “You are best equipped to help the person you once were.”

I relaunched Walk Humble, a website and podcast where I host an going conversation about life, faith, and relationships among people who want to grow, but want to do so without the pretense of acting as though we’ve got it all together.

I also relaunched Preaching for Change, where I share a newsletter every week with over 20,000 pastors and church leaders offering sermon ideas, leadership advice, and other resources.

And I began to design THIS coaching program.

You’re reading about the Burnout to Breakthrough coaching program because I’ve walked the road and want to come alongside other leaders who have found themselves in places of exhaustion, depletion, and desperation.


I believe we’re all in process, so what matters is not that you arrive at perfection (ain’t gonna happen in this lifetime) but that you make forward progress. 

As for me, I wake up every day now grateful for my family, my friends, and my faith. I can answer moments of anxiety with deep, abiding hope.

I love serving the church and its leaders. I’m thrilled when I see the church in action, sharing Jesus, solving problems, and alleviating suffering.

I’m in love with my wife and our friendship has never been stronger. I have the energy and passion to pour into my kids and lead them toward a brighter future (and walk them through pain with greater grace and love).

And I often feel like I’m bursting with creativity (which is how this coaching program came about) and get excited, rather than being intimidated, by new challenges.

At the end of the day, your breakthrough is far less about organizational growth, hitting sales goals, or collecting more stuff here on earth.

It’s far more about the health and vitality of your soul!

The best solutions to the biggest problems in the world will come from healthy, visionary, kingdom-focused Christian leaders!

So let’s get started!


How the Program Works

This isn’t just a nebulous “life coaching” offering. This is a program in which you and I will meet twelve times (usually weekly, but bi-weekly if that works better for your schedule).

I’ll give you a link through which you can book our next session at a time that fits your schedule.

Before each session, you’ll have a bit of reading and journaling to do.

During the sessions, we’re going to dive deep. You’ll definitely want to decide up front that you’ll be transparent and authentic, knowing that I adhere to a strict ethic of confidentiality in coaching. What you say in our sessions stays in our sessions! *

After each session, you should be ready to take action on the strategies we’ve discussed, stay faithful to the habits you’ve established, and get ready for our next session.

* The only exceptions to confidentiality would be if you express illegal or abusive activity or a plan for harming yourself or someone else, at which point we will discuss the necessary next steps.

What We’ll Discuss in Each Session

It’s important to note that this program is designed to walk through a dozen HUGE topics. We will likely not get to cover everything, but this is the track we’ll follow. 

Session 1: Visualizing your Breakthrough

We’ll talk about how you envision your ideal leadership situation. We’ll identify your biggest obstacles and start formulating a framework for moving forward.

Session 2: Assessing your “Soul Health”

We’ll define what it looks like to be a holistically healthy leader. We’ll talk through your physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual health.

Session 3: Walking Through Your Story

We’ll trace the source of the values by which you live and begin to understand the ways in which you may be holding yourself back from your own vision.

Session 4: Affirming Your Identity

We’ll identify your unique passions and personality, clarify your calling, and celebrate your gifts. We’ll also tune into your “inner community” for help.

Session 5: Eradicating Your Self-Sabotaging Habits

We’ll discuss dying to self and letting go of resentment. We’ll unwire some of the falsehoods and half-truths you’ve been believing for too long.

Session 6: Growing Into Your True Self

We’ll discover the “you” that is being shaped by the work of the Spirit and the influence of Jesus, and how your true self lines up with God’s purposes for you.

Session 7: Developing Your Disciplines

We’ll be working on spiritual disciplines like prayer, meditation, reading, and also on personal disciplines for a healthier mind, body, and life rhythm.

Session 8: Building Stronger Relationships

We’ll focus on your relationships at home, at work, and with friends and talk about how to trust people again, lean into community, and carry burdens.

Session 9: Leading Your Organization to Breakthrough

We’ll cover topics like how to form a safe, healthy culture, how to motivate your team, and how to grow from where you are.

Session 10: Expanding Your Capacity and Influence

We’ll discover ways you can share your breakthrough with and invite others to experience refreshment and renewal in their own lives.

Session 11: Tying it All Together

We’ll put all the pieces together and get a picture of where you are now and where you can be a year down the road.

Session 12: Leaving a Breakthrough Legacy

Your kids, your co-workers, your fellow community members – everyone around you will benefit as you leave a legacy of love and empowerment.

“When the leader gets better, every body wins.”

-Craig Groeschel

Pay In Full

Pay once up front.
10% Discount from Monthly Plan.

We will meet together in twelve sessions at times that work best in your schedule and we’ll walk through all twelve components of the Burnout to Breakthrough program. We can meet weekly, which means walking through the entire program in 90 days, or we can meet bi-weekly if that works better for you.



Clients who pay in full also get three bonus sessions focused on how to lead your organization or venture forward.


12 - Pay Option

Pay over twelve monthly payments.

12 x $130

Not Sure? Let’s Talk…

Not sure if you need this program?
Not sure if you can afford this program?
Book a free half hour clarity call (NOT a sales call) with me…

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Is this therapy (or professional counseling)?

No, this is not therapy. I’m a firm believer in getting counseling when you need it (I’m married to a highly-skilled therapist, after all), especially when you need to work through unresolved trauma.

If you are currently seeing a counselor, you must let them know that you’re enrolled in my coaching program so that my advice does not conflict with theirs.

Coaching is more about coming up with the right strategies to move forward in your leadership journey and then helping you to take action.

How long are the sessions?

Each session is an hour long. Because we’re covering so much material that requires deep work, the sessions serve as a kick-off point for that session’s topic.

What if this just doesn't work for me?

I don’t want to waste your time or your money. I believe I’m equipped to help a lot of people move from burnout to breakthrough, but there are rare occasions when the chemistry just isn’t there or I’m not helping as much as you might need.

If we’ve only met once or twice, I’ll refund you the full amount of the program and cancel any future invoices. If we’ve already met three or more times, I’ll refund you a prorated amount (the amount you’ve paid divided by twelve sessions) as well as an additional session charge.

Can I refer other leaders to you?

Yes, that would be awesome! And I do offer a referral fee if we have an established affiliate relationship. If you’re interested in doing that, just email me.

Can you work with a group or team instead of one-on-one coaching?

Yes, but the session work will be tailored accordingly! We won’t get to do as much individual deep diving, but I can work with groups. If you’re interested in having your group or team go through the program, just email me and we’ll work out special group pricing and scheduling.

Is this program the only leadership coaching offered?

I offer leadership coaching on an ongoing basis. Obviously, much of that coaching will borrow from this material, but the structure won’t be quite the same. If you’re interested in ongoing coaching without committing to this particular program, see my coaching services page.

“When the leader gets better, every body wins.”

-Craig Groeschel

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