Big News… Grace Hills Is Pregnant! We're Expecting a Daughter Church!

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Church planting is absolutely essential to doing all we can to fulfill the Great Commission in our generation. That’s why we planted Grace Hills with the philosophy of being a teaching hospital. From day one, our desire has been to plant other churches out of ourselves. This is the DNA of churches that have poured into us as well. Local churches bear the weight of the work of church planting and we wanted to be born pregnant, ready to give birth to a daughter church before it would normally make sense to do so.


Michael, Jennifer, Jacob, Lucas, and Marcus Smith

That’s why we’re so excited about Michael and Jennifer Smith, who have spent the last year on staff at Grace Hills preparing to launch out and plant Journey Church in Siloam Springs. And they’ve made the big move. Their family just relocated to Siloam and have started school. Over the next couple of months, we’ll watch them transition from being heavily involved at Grace Hills to stepping out to spend their time in the Siloam Springs community. They’ll also go through an assessment process, talk to other churches and potential partners about funding, and begin gathering their launch team.

It’s time to begin to surround the throne on behalf of the Smith’s and Journey Church. We’re asking God to give them favor with the community, financial provision, and spiritual protection as they venture into the deep end of church planting. And we’re also asking our friends to get involved. Here’s how…

Join the Journey Launch Team

If you are part of Grace Hills and God is leading you to move or commute to Siloam and be “scaffolding” for this new church, or if you live in the vicinity of Siloam Springs and don’t have a church home, reach out to Michael by email and let him know of your interest in being involved.

Become a Partnering Church

When Grace Hills was getting started, churches gave to help us get on our feet. In fact, a few still do. Some partners gave $15,000, $50,000, and $60,000 over a several year span. Another church has sent about $15 per month for the last two years. When you’re starting from scratch with no savings or assets, every penny counts toward the costs of starting a new church. Grace Hills has already invested thousands into Journey Church and we believe in the vision enough to give thousands more over the next few years. If you will consider joining us as partners with Journey Church, reach out to Michael by email and let him know.

Partner Together in Prayer

This is no last resort. I don’t believe prayer is a “if you can’t do anything else you can at least pray” endeavor. Instead, prayer is the first and greatest way to bring God’s kingdom here on earth. Pray that Siloam Springs would be an open door and for the Holy Spirit to have His hand on the Smith’s as they make this bold move.

Our goal is to do this again within the next two to three years, in our region or beyond. And the Smith’s have the same goal for Journey Church. If you’re a church leader, don’t watch a church planting movement from the sidelines. Get involved! Plant a daughter church or partner with a planter like Michael without delay.

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