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A brand is way more than a logo. A brand is the story that people are telling about a person, a product, or an organization.

And you have a brand, whether you want one or not. If you’ve decided to be a leader in any capacity, you have a brand. People are telling a certain story about you.

What’s Trump’s brand? Big, audacious, offensive, rich… What’s Pope Francis’ brand? Gentle, spiritual, humanitarian…

You get the picture. Think of a few of your favorite leaders to follow and you could probably describe their personality, their expertise, and what it is that makes them worthy of following pretty quickly.

If you’re attempting to lead better, to lead more people, to influence the world in any way, then you have to embrace that there will be a consensus about you among those who know you. That‘s your brand.

The Bad News About Your Personal Brand

You can’t control it.

You can’t dictate to people what story they will tell about you.

We see this illustrated in the lives of celebrities who say offensive things on video and politicians who get buried under bad press for their blunders.

Your brand is way more about what you’re modeling than about what you’re saying. You can’t just say you’re all about something when nothing about your public life gives evidence of it. Not in this social, digital age, anyway.

What can you do?

The Good News About Your Personal Brand

You can build it.

You can’t control your brand entirely, because it’s the sum total of all that can be observed about you – your behaviors, your successes, your relationships, etc.

But you can spend your life building your personal brand.

That is, you can create the cover art for the story people are telling…

That’s just the introduction.

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