Webinars. Seminars. Online workshops. Whatever you want to call them, webinars are a powerful marketing mechanism.

There’s just something about a live event, even when it’s a replay offered in a “simulated live” environment. Webinars convert as high as 60%. It’s been proven time and time again that nothing compares to webinars when it comes to converting visitors into buyers.

The problem is, webinar software gets expensive when you need to scale it. Some webinar apps charge a monthly fee that gets bigger depending on how many attendees you host. That’s totally understandable, but sometimes you might just wish you could figure out a way to host webinars right within your existing WordPress-powered website, like me.

And now… there’s WP AutoWebby.

Automated Webinars with a WordPress Plugin

Check Out WP AutoWebby !

WP AutoWebby instantly creates beautiful webinar landing pages, live pages, replay pages and more for you to run webinars with unlimited attendees!*

You can now run fully automated webinars within your WordPress-powered website with this WordPress plugin, which also comes with tutorials and support.

WP AutoWebby is the future in terms of webinar technology but doesn’t charge you any monthly fees. You can have a full campaign created from start to finish simply by creating your webinar pages from the built-in templates, editing them with your details and getting registrations, live attendees and product sales.

It’s also super easy to use and looks amazing. Users can create full webinar campaigns with just a few clicks and edit whatever is needed with drag and drop simplicity. Plus, the creators offer plenty of training to help you maximize the use of the platform.

One essential must-have feature is integration with popular autoresponders, and WP AutoWebby thought of that, too. You can tie it to your email marketing platform and have automated reminders sent out to people who register, then send replay pages to people who haven’t showed up live.

Here’s a video demo…

Check Out WP AutoWebby !

And just to be sure, WP AutoWebby offers a hassle-free, 30-day money-back guarantee, so it’s a no-risk buy. Give it a shot for your next webinar!

* I should clarify that “unlimited” refers to the unlimited nature of this software. Obviously your web hosting bandwidth limits might affect the number to whom you can broadcast at one time.

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