As we transitioned out of leadership at Grace Hills, I surveyed the things I’ve been interested in and, for a while now, real estate has been at the top of the list.
I took the course, passed the test, and have joined the team at Collier & Associates.

You can check out my new Northwest Arkansas real estate website. And I’d highly appreciate it if you’d consider visiting and liking my Facebook page.

Why real estate?

First, I’m wired for business. While many people know me as a pastor, I’ve also spent the last fifteen years involved in all kinds of online entrepreneurial opportunities, from re-launching the website on behalf of Pastor Rick Warren and Saddleback Church to growing a successful web design and marketing business.

I even wrote a book about how the church could utilize social media marketing to spread its message further and ran a successful affiliate marketing business. Real estate fits within that wheelhouse. I’m fascinated with the Northwest Arkansas market and the incredible opportunities it affords people.

Second, I love people. Yes, I’m an introvert, but that simply means that I like to dive deep with individuals. I want to help people figure out their financial pathway forward. I want to make buying or selling properties less intimidating. I want to make real estate less scary for everybody.

I envision sitting down with the young couple, the single mom, or those nearing retirement to talk not only about what they want in a home, but how a mortgage and home equity factor into their overall financial health.

I want to thank Terri Chadd and Stuart Collier for offering some fantastic advice, and I want to especially thank Angela Kirk Cox who has been my biggest fan and coach, encouraging me to pursue this new pathway with a passion.

I’m looking forward to diving into this new career and helping as many people as I can with buying and selling properties, but more importantly, with achieving greater financial health and freedom along the way.

Yes, I’ll still have a ministry. I’m going to be launching something new called The Reflectionary, with weekly reflections on the texts prescribed by the Revised Common Lectionary. It will be an encouragement for pastors and a resource for everyone who is interested in spiritual things.

If I can help you in this new capacity, feel free to reach out! My cell is 479-426-6575 and my email is And thank you, friends, for your encouragement and your prayers!

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