How I Set Aside $98.94 in a Month and Never Missed It

Jul 24, 2018 | Living, Money

Last month, I managed to put an extra $98.94 in a savings account, earn a few pennies in interest, and I never really missed it, thanks to Acorns!

Acorns is an app – or better, it’s a service – that helps you set aside more of your income as savings. It’s simple, once you set it up.

  1. Connect your bank accounts (checking, credit, etc.)
  2. Life life and spend your budget like you always do.

Acorns will then “round up” every single purchase for you and put the change into your Acorns account, invest it for you, and pay you dividends and interest.

Spend $1.89 on a soda, put $0.11 in savings. Spend $234.13 on your utility bill, put $0.87 in savings.

Like clockwork.

You can also add to the account anytime you’d like, or set up a recurring amount each month.

Acorns offers other options, too. You can set up a checking account with them that comes with a debit card for spending your savings (I haven’t done this because I really want to save the money and not spend it.)

You can also shop with online retailers through Acorns links and have “found money” invested into your account by their partner companies.

I’ve been at it a little over a month and I’m quite happy.

And here’s another benefit for you and for me… if you don’t have an Acorns account and want one, sign up through the graphic / link below and you’ll get a free $5 to start your account! And in full disclosure, I’ll get a free $5 too.

Sign Up for Acorns Here!

Acorns - Investing Pocket Change in a Savings Account

If you’re still reading and still looking for ways to save and invest, I can also recommend Fundrise. I own tiny pieces of almost 100 properties around the United States thanks to my Fundrise account, which has already earned me ten times more than the average savings account. Check out Fundrise!

And by the way, this should go without saying, but I am not any kind of professional financial or investment advisor. I’m a pastor and average dude who wants to be a good steward of the resources I believe God has provided me. Just passing the word along!

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