Achieving the Elusive Goal of Earning Passive Income Online

Nov 5, 2017 | Marketing, Money

Most people who earn income, earn it actively. That is, they trade their time and energy, both of which come in limited quantities, for money.

Even most of the self-employed entrepreneurs I know are still performing services that cap their income per hour.

The goal for most entrepreneurs is to figure out how to earn passive income either in addition to, or in place of, their active income.

The most prevalent example is real estate. Buy a property and then rent it out and every month, you’ll bring in passive income. The work is done, but the income from the work continues.

To clarify, passive doesn’t mean no work at all. You still have to set up and maintain systems. But the fruits of your labor are multiplied.

Here’s an example a little more within reach for most of us… I created a small website featuring some of my favorite books on different topics. The various pages of that site now come up often in search results no those topics. When people click the link and buy a copy of a particular book on Amazon, I earn a small commission.

I’ve also learned, over time, how to add other streams of passive income.

Let me be clear. I’m not interested in quitting my day job. I LOVE my day job. And I don’t want to move to a beach somewhere. I love Northwest Arkansas. A lot!

But I have three kids in a private school, all headed for college someday. I have a passion to give more money to missions. And I’d like to reach retirement age someday in a place of financial peace. And I don’t want to work more and more hours. I’d rather work hard at the things I’m passionate about while earning a passive income on the side.

Thankfully, I ran across a guy who has taught me a lot about earning passive income online. We’re probably very different in many ways, but Brendan Mace is one smart dude! He’s managed to build a spectacular online marketing business, and he does a great job of teaching others how to do the same.

All of that to get to this… Brendan, along with his friends Neil Napier and Dalton Scott, has released a great online training program called Passivly. I bought it to check it out and it’s jam-packed with all kinds of resources that are extremely valuable! (At the moment I’m writing this, it’s less than $14.)

If you’re struggling to earn a passive income online, or if you’re just hoping to learn how to do so, give Passively a shot! It’s very affordable to get in (there are upsells, of course, and some of them can accelerate your success) and as always, there’s a no-hassle, money-back guarantee.

Check Out Passivly Today!

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