5 Great Habits for Spiritual Entrepreneurs from Forbes Magazine


ForbesContrary to the approaches of plenty of other ministry leaders, I celebrate spiritual entrepreneurship and believe it’s closely related to the apostolic gifts demonstrated by the church’s earliest missionaries.

Because of my love for leadership, I read too many articles about it each week. One of my absolute favorites recently was The 8 Top Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs, from Forbes Magazine. The last three would apply to business entrepreneurs but not necessarily pastoral leaders and church planters. But the first five were gold…

  1. They’re not afraid to make well-planned leaps… If all you do is fantasize and never plot and take actionable steps, you’re stuck in idle.
  2. They’re usually early to rise… You can train yourself to become an early riser.
  3. They have some Type A in their blood… Everyone has a little Type A in them…
  4. They’re a people person (or can fake it)… Constantly working on relating to others will only serve you and your projects well in the long run.
  5. They have a thick skin… There’s no room in entrepreneurship for over sensitivity. Make “NO” your friend as well as a call to action.

I had a pretty enlightening conversation this week with a guy I highly respect who has a foot in ministry and the other in business. I make no apology for agreeing with his bold assertion that “if it’s a management principle that truly works, it’s because God invented it.” Read the whole article and see what you glean.