3 Ways Water Sunday Can Satisfy Thirst and Change the World

Water Sunday

Water Sunday

Water Sunday is one Sunday your church or small group sets aside to focus on the global water crisis, through a variety of activities, studies or sermons that bring the congregation into solidarity with people all over the world who lack safe water. It includes a special offering to provide safe water and the Living Water message for those in desperate need.

Here are three simple suggestions for making an impact with Water Sunday…j

  • Beverage Fast – Challenge your congregation to skip all beverages except for water for a designated amount of time. You can participate for a week, a full month, or even as a Lenten fast! Calculate what you would normally spend on drinks for that amount of time and donate it to provide safe water to people around the world.
  • Six-Week Small Group Study – This transformational small group study will walk through three people from the bible, starting with Jesus calling Peter out onto the water, as they take steps of faith and will provide actionable steps that participants can take each week as they grow in their faith.Each session includes a powerful 4-5 minute video with testimonies from our Country Program Staff around the world, a focus on a specific passage of scripture, discussion questions, and a challenge that helps your group members take a step of faith each week.
  • Walk For Water – Every day millions of women and children in developing countries walk an average of four miles to retrieve water to meet their family’s daily needs. You can engage your church and local community by doing a walk for water! Plan a mile and a half walk from your church or a park to a nearby lake or river, fill up buckets with dirty water and make the return journey. This fun activity is a perfect event to top off your Water Sunday and truly experience what it’s like for people around the world every day.

Here’s a testimony from Pastor Chris Ndikumana…


Water Sunday is a program of Water Missions International. Water Missions International is a nonprofit Christian engineering ministry that transforms lives through sustainable safe water and sanitation solutions in developing countries and disaster areas. Since 2001, Water Missions International has responded to the world’s largest natural disasters and daily tackles the world’s single biggest cause of illness – lack of safe water and sanitation (U.N. Report, 2005) – by providing safe water and access to the Living Water message to more than two million people in 50 countries. Through the provision of safe water, doors are opened to tangibly share the love of Christ with people in need around the world.

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