Free 21-Day Email Mini-Course Shows You How It’s Possible to Earn an Income from Blogging!

Hi! I’m Brandon.

I’ve been blogging for fifteen years! And in that time, my blog has been a huge part of my professional life and development as a leader.

My blogging – directly or indirectly – has expanded my influence, landed me a dream job, led to writing a book, and created a dependable passive income.

I’d love to share with you, over 21 days, all the steps necessary to take if you want to launch an influential, profitable blog.

You’ll learn…

  • How to launch your blog with WordPress and make it look amazing!
  • How to build your brand and grow your leadership platform.
  • How to monetize your blog with advertising and affiliate marketing.
  • How to build an email list and participate in joint venture opportunities.

Whether you’re looking to earn extra money to get ahead or launch a career or online business, this free course will show you what you need to know to get going!

Course Contents

Day 1: Setting Up an Awesome Blog
Day 2: Defining Your Brand
Day 3: Clarifying Your Vision, Purpose, and Goals
Day 4: Refine Your Design
Day 5: Extend Your Site
Day 6: Start (or Grow) an Email List
Day 7: Develop a Content Strategy
Day 8: Choose Products to Promote
Day 9: How to Utilize Keyword Research
Day 10: Writing Compelling Headlines
Day 11: Craft an Effective Blog Post
Day 12: Issue a Call to Action
Day 13: Make Your Content Search Engine Friendly
Day 14: Make Your Content Shareable on Social Media
Day 15: Drive Traffic to Your Blog
Day 16: Grow Your Blog’s Community
Day 17: Using Facebook to Grow Your Blog
Day 18: Using Twitter to Grow Your Blog
Day 19: Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog
Day 20: Give Away a Lead Magnet
Day 21: Create Your Own Email Course

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