Books, Blogs, & Resources for Church Leaders – February 19, 2016

Books to Take Note Of

Screenshot 2016-02-19 15.30.57Ephesians: Six Choices For Making the Most of What You’ve Been Given, by Tom Holladay

Based on Tom Holladay’s popular podcast, DriveTime Devotions, this personal devotional book on the book of Ephesians helps lift you beyond your circumstances and shows you that God sees you in light of where you’re headed—not where you are today.

Ephesians unpacks what it means to daily…

  • Relish the riches that are yours in Jesus Christ
  • Embrace and succeed in God’s calling on your life
  • Rise above the earthly and lay hold of your heavenly inheritance
  • Understand the position and power God has given you in Christ

Screenshot 2016-02-19 15.35.02New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotion, by Paul David Tripp

Mornings can be tough. Sometimes, a hearty breakfast and strong cup of coffee just aren’t enough. Offering more than a rush of caffeine, best-selling author Paul David Tripp wants to energize you with the most potent encouragement imaginable: the gospel.

Forget “behavior modification” or feel-good aphorisms. Tripp knows that what we really need is an encounter with the living God. Then we’ll be prepared to trust in God’s goodness, rely on his grace, and live for his glory each and every day.

I’m using this devotional this year (on most days, that is) and it’s one of my favorites. It has the content and meaning of an Oswald Chambers devotional, for sure. 

Front-CoverQuarter-Life Calling: How to Find Your Sweet Spot In Your Twenties, by Paul Sohn

No matter how high Paul climbed up his Fortune 50 corporate ladder, he knew he was falling into a deep abyss of purposelessness. Paul was having a quarter-life crisis. So he set out on a mission to find his quarter-life calling.

Award-winning blogger, leadership coach, and Millennial Paul Sohn provides a practical roadmap on how to discover your God-given calling and how to live in your sweet spot. The Quarter-Life Calling is is a playbook on how to get a grip and live your life with passion and purpose.

Blogs to Check Up On

Leading Change: The Cycle to Expect, by Tony Morgan

Change can be time consuming, frustrating and even costly. It is much easier to avoid change as long as possible. Eventually churches change when the pain associated with status quo becomes greater than the pain associated with the change. Pain is the key. Frankly, even for churches, pain often isn’t felt until there’s a financial crisis. This is when the change cycle begins.

Chase the Lion: The Guts of Leadership, by Mark Batterson

I’m not sure exactly how to say this. And it probably won’t come across as very academic. But one of the most under-appreciated dimensions of great leadership is guts. Great leaders are gutsy! It takes different shapes in different arenas. But gutsy leaders dare to be different. They challenge the status quo. They refuse to play it safe.

The Biggest Questions I Get on Genesis 1 and 2, By J. D. Greear

God’s Scripture is never wrong. But we theologians and scientists often are. So we’ve got to resist the temptation to turn into a dogma a question that Scripture did not intend to settle. As Christians, we can agree: the universe is not the result of blind, random forces; God is the miraculous author and creator of all we see. That’s actually a significant common ground.

11 Facebook Tips, Tricks and Facts You Probably Don’t Already Know, from the Buffer Blog

This post will give you plenty of great stuff to help you get the most out of and better understand Facebook. From why you get shown certain ads and which types of posts get the most engagement, to how closely connected you everyone else on the planet and much, much more.

5 Painfully Simple Ways to Get Your Church Unstuck and Serve the Community, by Brad Bridges

What if your church consistently prayed for your community? Now I’m not talking about exclusively praying for spiritual needs. But do you pray for the felt needs that people are battling? Do you know what those needs are? Does the pain and suffering in your world break your church’s collective heart?

7 Reasons You Should Speak Without Using Notes, by Carey Nieuwhof

So much of communication is non-verbal. While you can’t always see the audience when you talk (in the case of pre-recorded video or dark house lights), when you can, it’s invaluable.

How to Invite Someone to Church, by Joshua Reich

You can call, text, email, share a Facebook event page or talk to them. Hand them an invite card. Take them out to lunch afterward to answer questions they have or simply to hang out with them. Be sure when you bring them to introduce them to people. Especially your pastor; he’ll love to meet your friend.

Resources to Check Out

nu210-522442d6-6622-4c30-868c-9b04c0499109-v2Church Docs, from ChurchFuel

Church Docs is a zip file containing 25 documents to help you organize and streamline your church. You’ll get PDF documents and original files, which means you can use them as they are or customize them for your church.

  • Annual Calendar
  • Budget
  • Contribution Statement Letter
  • Event Planning Checklist
  • First Time Guest Letter
  • Guest Follow-Up Flow Chart
  • Hiring System + Interview Questions
  • Leadership Development Plan for Staff
  • Monday Morning Flash Report
  • Monthly Financial Report
  • Monthly Ministry Report Template
  • One Page Ministry Plan
  • Church Org Chart
  • Pastor’s Job Description
  • Small Group Leader Application
  • Social Media Policy
  • Staff Meeting Agenda
  • Teaching + Communication Calendar
  • Staff Scorecard and Metrics
  • Volunteer Interest Card
  • Volunteer Job Description
  • Weekly Review Worksheet
  • Year End Giving Letter

Get Church Docs Now!

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