51 Great Links for Leaders, Readers, and Creatives – February 7, 2015

Jason Bourne

First of all, my favorite story I’ve read this week can save your life!!

Jason BourneHow to Develop the Situational Awareness of Jason Bourne, from The Art of Manliness

That superhuman ability to observe his surroundings and make detailed assessments about his environment? It’s not just a trait of top secret operatives; it’s a skill known as situational awareness, and you can possess it too.

4 Ways Stories Benefit Your Preaching, by Rob Hurtgen

Everyone loves a good story. There is something about the characters, the tension and the resolution of those elementary components of a good story.

Why I Believe the Bible, via Stephen J. Bedard

New Testament scholar Darrel Bock shares why he believes the Bible.

How To Run Your Team Like A Startup, Even When You’ve Grown, by Sid Banerjee

When your company (or church) grows, how can you hang on to that startup energy? It might be cliché to say that people want what they don’t have, but it’s also quite often true…

7 Ways To Dial Down Doubt And Crank Up Creativity, by Sam Harrison

“I doubt it.” How many times have you uttered those words? More importantly, how many times have doubts and fears prevented you from pursuing fresh ideas or launching creative projects?

The Power of a Student’s Story Being Shared at Youth Group, by Josh Griffin

I took this picture last week in youth group to remind you of the power of a student testimony. Look at how everyone is glued to the student sharing on stage. Wow.

Why Saddleback Has More People Involved in Small Groups Than They Have in Worship, by Josh Hunt

Bill Hybels says, “The leader must embody the vision.” Doubling groups is not the only way to grow a church. But, if you are going to grow your church through growing groups, the leader must embody the vision.

Don’t…Unless, by Mike Vardy

Don’t check email first thing in the morning. Why? Because it puts the demands and requests of others in front of the ones that you’ve set for the day in advance. So don’t do it. Unless you have a way of dealing with email that keep you mission-based…

14 Questions Every Christian Leader Should Ask Themselves, by Paul Sohn

Writing and reading are like two different sides of the coin. To read well, you ought to learn how to write well, and to write well reading well is an indispensable skill. It’s obvious that world-class writers write differently from the rest of us.

Andy Stanley: The Church Is Too “Resistible,” Needs Rebranding, via ChurchLeaders.com

In the first message of a new series this past Sunday, February 1, megachurch pastor Andy Stanley told the congregation at North Point Community Church that the Christian church at large has become “unnecessarily resistible” to newcomers, its stubbo…

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Better Listener, by Sarah Green

“It can be stated, with practically no qualification,” Ralph G. Nichols and Leonard A. Stevens write in a 1957 HBR article, “That people in general do not know how to listen.”

To Stay Focused, Manage Your Emotions, by Ed Batista

A leader’s most precious resource is not their time. It’s their focused attention. Time merely passes, while focused attention makes things happen.

Things to Buy, Download, or Do When Working Remotely, by Alexandra Samuel

Whether you’re working from home full-time, living life as a road warrior, or simply working the occasional day away from the office, you’ll be most effective if you have the right digital infrastructure for remote work.

Get More Done by Focusing Less on Work, by Stew Friedman

When people want to get more done at work, they double down on the time they put into their jobs. They adopt a new productivity approach, stay at the office late, work weekends, revamp to-do lists, and try to cram more into every day.

Focus on Where You Are, Not Where You Wish You Were, by Jade Mazarin

Are you in the middle of God’s story for you? The middle is a tough place. Between the hope of starting out and the relief of the finish line, the middle part of the journey can be dry, stagnant and lonely. You might feel as if nothing’s happening. …

Evangelism Never Changes, But the Methods Do, by Ed Stetzer

Evangelism is not recruitment. Evangelism is not even outreach.

23 Tools and Resources to Create Images for Social Media, by Kevan Lee

Through experimentation and iteration, we’ve found that including images when sharing to social media increases engagement across the board—more clicks, reshares, replies, and favorites.

10 Books That Inspire Today’s Leaders, by Lindsay Lavine

Ever wonder which titles line the bookshelves of today’s leaders and up-and-coming entrepreneurs? The books they gift to colleagues or reference for inspiration when times get tough? We reached out to a dozen CEOs, business executives, and thought leaders…

Are You a Slave to What’s Popular? Or to What Used to Be Popular?, by Karl Vaters

That statement was made on a Facebook page for ministers recently. The conversation was about using the King James bible in church. Looking for a fight? That’ll get you one.

Could Multisite Work At Your church?, by Geoff Surratt

The question I’m asked the second most often is, “Could multisite work at my church?” (The question I’m asked most is what I think about legalized marijuana. Since I live in Colorado I guess I’m the de facto expert on all things ganja.)

Why Leaders Must Avoid These 10 ‘Credibility Killers’, by Scott Cochrane

This month I am traveling in Asia with Bill Hybels, who is coaching leaders in 7 different cities. During our first stop in Hong Kong, a question was raised during a question and answer forum that prompted Bill to respond with a huge leadership principle…

7 Keys to Celebrate your Rivals and Partner with your Competition, by Brad Lomenick

Winning. Competition. Rivalry. For all of us who are Type A Leaders, jealousy in the form of competition is always a struggle.

Five Things A Church Leader Can Do To Avoid Burnout, by Perry Noble

I can promise you that your spouse may not completely understand what you are going through (I wrote about that here in an article entitled, “The Pastors Pain”), but your honesty is what they are craving the most.

7 Suggestions to Encourage Innovation on a Team, by Ron Edmondson

Most leaders want to lead an innovative organization. We don’t necessarily have to be the first to do something new, but we don’t want to be years behind either.

3 Things You Miss When Your Groups Aren’t Aligned, by Eric Geiger

The following post is by Brandon Hiltibidal, and it originally appeared on LifeWay’s Church Leaders blog. Brandon is a former church planter and multi-site pastor. He is part of the Groups Ministry team at LifeWay Christian Resources. He and his wif…

6 Mistakes You’re Probably Making When Scheduling Meetings, by Lindsay Lavine

Another day, another meeting. Sure, some feel like a complete waste of time, but how about the ones that leave you frustrated, resentful—even hungry? While you might not be able to get rid of meetings altogether, leaders have the power to reduce mee…

3 Company Culture Rules That Will Save Your Startup From Implosion, by Constance Aguilar

Starting a company without a culture plan in place is asking for trouble. Here’s how to keep the good and ditch the bad.

How Inspirational Leaders Communicate, by Ross Kingsland

Great speeches and presentations have these principles in common. There were 14 speakers on that hot summer’s day in 1963 when some 250,000 people marched on Washington, but the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

How To Use Criticism To Your Advantage, by Vanessa Loder

When you’re running your own business, the more you grow, the more feedback and criticism you receive. This can be difficult to handle. How can you take control of criticism and use it to your advantage rather than living in fear of it?

How to Write an Irresistible Headline, by Jay Baer

Let’s start with a fundamental question: How are posts shared? It’s not the blog post, tool, or resource that gets shared. That might be what motivates the person who is sharing it, but all that ends up getting shared is the headline.

9 Essential Elements of a Healthy Small Church Experience, by Karl Vaters

When someone goes to a healthy Small Church for the first time, what should they expect? That’s an easier question to answer for big churches, because they have a lot more in common with each other.

God’s Love For You Is Unshakeable, by Jarrid Wilson

God’s love for you is relentless, unshakeable and unfathomable. It might sound crazy, but it’s true. And regardless of what anyone has told you about God, I want this truth to stand at the forefront or your mind. Why? Because it will revolutionize t…

5 Books You Should Read During African-American History Month, by C. E. Stwoers

Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month in America, is an annual observance in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.

6 Reasons Why Email Beats Social Media for Church Communications, by Rich Birch

I’ve heard too many people say that “email is dead.” They celebrate the early results of every hot up-and-coming social network. People get taken in by the vanity numbers of these networks and lose focus on their most important digital communication…

3 Most Important Times to Teach Your Kids Theology, by Aaron Earls

For me, it’s when I cry. When I start to tear up, I know the moment I’m in with one of my children is hugely important in their theological education.

12 Steps To Curing Your Procrastination Addiction, by Andrew Cravenho

Recovering from procrastination? Admitting your problem is step one. We are all guilty of procrastination, some to a greater degree than others. Tasks left undone are a distraction that interferes with being a productive individual.

7 Suggestions for Pastors and Pastor Spouses to Find True Friends, by Ron Edmondson

People talk. People gossip. People love to share what they hear. That’s true about what they hear from a pastor too.

10 Marketing Blogs For Intermediate and Advanced Marketers, by Avtar Ram Singh

Over the course of the last few years, I’ve come across a huge number of articles that list “The Best Marketing Blogs of 201X” or “Social Media Blogs You Cannot Miss Out On!” I find that a variety of the blogs that I would really like to see on thes…

5 Risks Every Leader Should Take, by Tim Parsons

I’m considered a very “safe” person.  I tend to be very risk averse and only take a chance on something when I’ve analyzed and calculated it to the extent that it is no longer a risk.  It’s a magical place to be – full of worry, anxiousness, and pro…

How Often should Preachers Practice their Sermon?, by Charles Stone

I’ve served in ministry over 30 years and I’ve preached a lot of sermons. Some have been good and some, well, not so good.

Why Most Digital Marketing Fails — And How To Fix It, by Dorie Clark

If you’re looking for insights about the future of digital communications, it pays to ask someone who’s been there from the beginning. Social media strategist Sally Falkow has been a keen observer of online trends since the mid 1990s…

Hate this Headline? You’ll Probably Share the Story, by Barry Feldman

See, I want a lot of people to read this blog post. Bloggers generally attach great value to the number of viewers a post earns. And a proven strategy for increasing the reach of your content is to inspire readers to share it via social media.

7 Steps That Will Hook Readers On Your Content through the Magnetic Force of Fascination, by Andrew McDermott

Throughout your journey to overcome online obscurity, you produce a lot of content. Content marketing is about making a connection with your audience and building relationships. Since you invest time and effort into your writing, you want to see tan…

The Secret of Strategic Neglect, Interview with Bill Hybels

When you think of someone with a simple life, Bill Hybels probably isn’t the first person who comes to mind.

8 Super Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout This Year In Ministry, by Brett Faris

2015 is here with new ministry opportunities. Plans are in place and goals have been set. Your staff is back from break and it is time to get back to work. Are you ready?

15 Mobile Facts That Should Change Your 2015 Marketing, by Heidi Cohen

Your 2015 marketing must be mobile first. Yeah, we said this before. But maybe you weren’t paying attention or you thought we were a lone marketing voice. (Don’t worry—you didn’t hurt our feelings.

20 of the Best Newsletters Full of Good Links to Share, by Kevan Lee

Imagine this: You open your inbox, and there sit a dozen new articles that you’d be thrilled to share to social media. Simple as that! This is all possible thanks to the rise of high-quality, curated newsletters, a format that’s flourished over the …

Two Things a Pastor must Do, by Joshua Reich

Robert Bruce Shaw in his book Leadership Blindspots: How Successful Leaders Identify and Overcome the Weaknesses That Matter said, “There are two things a leader (for our purposes, let’s insert the word pastor for leader) must do: define reality and…

3 Things Non Morning People Can Do To Get Going, by Jonathan Pearson

I am not a morning person. There, I admit it. As a man, Dad, and leader, I guess I should be. I’m just not. Over the years, it may have gotten a little easier, but I’m still a zombie in the morning.

New Data: What Types of Content Perform Best on Social Media?, by Andrea Lehr

In many aspects of life, timing is key. If you’ve got to schedule a very important meeting, and all of the attendees aren’t morning people, scheduling an 8 a.m. start time probably won’t result in a productive meeting.

One Simple Question That Can Move You From Regret to Relief, by Carey Neiuwhof

Change is an issue you actually face daily. Change is not neutral. And whether you change always triggers relief or regret.