The growth of email users and their frequency of use is incredible…

  • The number of e-mail users worldwide is forecasted to rise to 2.9 billion users by 2019. (Source).
  • The number of e-mail users in the US is projected to grow to 244.5 million by the end of 2017. That number is forecasted to grow to 254.7 million by 2020. (Source).
  • Most people are email addicts. Nine out of ten (91%) of e-mail users check their email inbox at least once a day. Seven out of ten (72%) check it at least six times a day. (Source).
  • Gmailhas over one billion active users as of February 2016. (Source).
  • Consumers have an average of 1.8 accounts per user, and US business users have an average of 1.2 accounts per user as of 2016. (Source).
  • Subject lines still matter. Nearly half (47%) of e-mail recipients choose whether to open e-mails based on the subject line. (Source).
  • Consumer email accounts make up the majority of US email accounts in 2016, representing 79% of US mailboxes. (Source).
  • Segmented email campaigns have an open rate that is 14.32% higher than non-segmented campaigns. (Source).
  • The open rate for e-mails with a personalized message was 18.8%, as compared to 13.1% without any personalization in 2016.
  • Your e-mail subscribers spend more than other customers. 83% percent more, in fact. The lesson? Get your customers subscribed to your email list! (Source).
  • According to August 2016 data from the ecommerce website personalization provider Barilliance, the best retargeting conversion rate happens when the first retargeting email is sent within an hour. (Source).
  • More than 86% of businesses surveyed indicate that they plan to increase their upcoming email marketing budgets. (Source).
  • E-mails give you one-on-one access. The average American has 3 e-mail accounts. Even so, 78% of people receive most of their marketing e-mails directly into their primary personal email account. (Source).
  • Email turns coal into diamonds. For every dollar invested in email marketing, the average return is over $40 ($44.25, to be precise). (Source).

In other words. Start a list. Start multiple lists (using segmentation). And use it wisely.

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