Brandon Cox

Hi, I’m Brandon

I coach Christian leaders from burnout to breakthrough.

The best solutions to the biggest problems in the world will come from healthy, visionary, kingdom-focused Christian leaders!

I became a Pastor when I was 19. I’ve served churches of 35 regular attenders up to one of America’s largest churches, averaging 25,000+ in weekend attendance. And then I burned out. That was 2020-21.

I’ve been a church planter, a leadership coach, and a communications consultant and website developer. And in every arena in which I’ve been privileged to lead, I’ve observed that everything really does rise and fall on leadership.

That’s why I’m determined to help great leaders recover from the mental, emotional, and relational turmoil of leading in today’s culture of isolation, consumerism, polarization, and workaholism.

You can be healthy, whole, and holy! And when you are at your best, everyone around you gets better!

Are You Walking Through BURNOUT in Your Leadership?

I’ve read back through journals I kept during one of the hardest seasons of my life and I feel two things.

First, gratitude! I’m grateful to have emerged from the dark valley of leadership burnout.

And second, burdened! I’m passionate about offering other leaders a word of encouragement.

I put together, out of my own experience, a free assessment designed to help you know if you’re either headed for burnout or you’re right in the middle of it.

My Latest Writings and Blog Posts

What if I’m Not Ready to Be Healed?

What if I’m Not Ready to Be Healed?

Whether it’s saying a prayer, calling a friend, reaching out to a counselor or therapist… standing up and walking is the easy part. It’s the decision to actually do so that feels impossible.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are?

As we kick off another year, don’t just write down goals, resolutions, or even habits you hope to form. Journal for a while about who you are and who you want to become. Out of that sense of identity will flow the habits that will shape your entire future.

Have a Better Year By Embracing the Process

Have a Better Year By Embracing the Process

It’s not about perfection. You’ll never get it all right. You’re human. You have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual limitations that prevent you from living full throttle 24/7. You were meant to rest, to take breaks, to not achieve it all.

Bright Hope for Tomorrow

Bright Hope for Tomorrow

The presence and reality of God necessitate the replacement of despair with hopefulness – the belief that “tomorrow” (whether literally tomorrow or a random day several generations into the future) will be different. That suffering has an end. That the world will be set right.

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