Getting To Know Jesus Throughout Eternity

We have, sometimes, the mistaken notion that when we get to heaven, we’ll be as God, knowing everything. Not only is this a duplication of Adam and Eve’s mistaken theology, it’s also quite unbiblical. What will be different there is that the hindrances to learning will have been removed. Listen to the way J. Sidlow Baxter puts it in Going Deeper:

Let us try to grasp it: the quintessence of heaven’s pure bliss for us will be just this, that with sinless minds, and raptured hearts, and perfected powers, through evolving aeons we shall be adoringly exploring an exhaustless Christ in whom are hid ‘all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge,’ and who ever-unfoldingly expresses to us ‘the loving-kindness’ which lives in the infinite heart of God.

No, we won’t be all-powerful and all-knowing, but we will be ever-growing with only forward progress. As the old songwriter said, “what a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see.”

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