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The Scarlet Thread by W. A. Criswell

wa_criswellThis weekend, I’ll be preaching from Joshua 2 concerning the scarlet thread that runs through all of Scripture, foreshadowed and typified by the scarlet line which Rahab the harlot let down from her window. That scarlet thread signaled to the approaching Israelites that everyone in her household should be spared because of their acting by faith that God was God and Savior alone.

This awesome passage, and the theme itself, always reminds me of one of the most inspiring sermons I’ve ever heard… W. A. Criswell’s The Scarlet Thread. He preached through the entire Bible on a New Year’s Eve. The sermon is preserved at and I’ve posted the links below to the message’s three separate parts. Listen…

The Scarlet Thread Through the Bible Part 1

The Scarlet Thread Through the Bible Part 2

The Scarlet Thread Through the Bible Part 3

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