Pastors: Don’t Forget to Sharpen Your Public Speaking Skills

Pastors have a bad habit of forgetting that we are ultimately communicators. We fall into the pattern of preaching and presenting God’s Word the way we always have, or the way other preachers always have. That’s why we get made fun of! That’s also one of the reasons people don’t listen to us.

In addition to studying God’s Word deeply and serving people all week, we also need to become students of the arts of persuasion, communication, and public speaking. If you can’t connect with the audience on Sunday, you’re already facing a major growth roadblock in your own ministry and in your church’s ability to reach your community.

I wanted to pass on this link to one of my favorite sources of inspiration concerning the art of public speaking. It’s really a condensing of multiple links, all of which are valuable. Check out Best Public Speaking Tips and Techniques: Weekly Review [2009-03-14] and subscribe to their rss feed. And don’t stop being a student of communication – that’s what preaching is all about.