Our Most Precious Commodity: God’s Word

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This article is adapted from my sermon from 1 Samuel 2-3

What the Unbelieving World Values

Chapter two presents to us a picture of what the unbelieving world values as Hophni and Phineas perpetuate a kind of tabernacle prostitution ring and desecrate the sacrificial system:

  • Power over people.
  • Prestige, popularity, and fame.
  • Possessions.
  • Pleasure.

But chapter three presents to us what the believer should value in the form of young Samuel’s hunger to hear from God.

Our Most Precious Commodity

The Word of God, as it is revealed to everyone.

God has made Himself known in a general and universal way through various means – nature being the most obvious. But He has also done so in the Bible, which is His message to all the world. Though it has been so persecuted, God has seen fit to preserve it as the most distributed book of all time.

The Word of God, as it is revealed to me.

I’m not an advocate of “latter day revelations,” in the sense that people may stand up and claim to be issuing forth an infallible revelation from God. Why not? Because even though God always speaks perfectly, I hear through sinfully flawed ears and God makes no guarantee of infallibility when it comes to my speaking – only to the words of Scripture.

Nonetheless, God does speak to me. He leads me, impresses me, convicts and convinces me, and comforts me. I know His presence and I recognize the Shepherd’s voice.

The Word of God, as it is shared.

Even though God had already told Eli everything He shared with Samuel, He still instructed Samuel to be a faithful prophet and His spokesman to Eli to confirm His message. Samuel not only proved faithful to the task that day, but throughout the rest of his life.

If the Word of God is truly precious, why keep it to yourself? If it’s the secret to eternal life, why not share it?

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