Learn About Radical Preaching at Radicalis 2011

It was precisely eleven years ago when my father-in-law and I traveled to Saddleback Church for the Preaching for Life Change conference taught by Rick Warren and Tom Holladay. And it was definitely life-changing and ministry-altering. It changed the way I preached in multiple ways…

  • I learned to bulid a bridge from “then and there” to “here and now” and make relevant applications from timeless passages.
  • I learned how to CRAFT a sermon, which refers to a whole model for sermon preparation.
  • I learned to break complex truths into bite-sized applications.
  • I learned how to call people to a response and to action on the basis of discovered truth.
  • I learned to use titles that made sense like “How to Overcome Temptation” rather than titles like “On the Jericho Road.”

At this year’s Radicalis I’ll be helping to moderate the track on Radical Preaching in which Tom Holladay, Gerald Sharon, and several others will be sharing great material about radical preaching. If you’re not planning on coming, change your plans, haha. And if you are, I hope to see you there!

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