Killing Giants


Tomorrow, I’m beginning a new series of messages on the battle between David and Goliath. That’s where we are in our journey through the Word, right in the middle of 1 Samuel, and I’m going to slow down and dedicate the four Sundays of March to this wonderful story.

Jumping into this subject comes at an interesting time. Justin and I have just begun reading Tony Morgan’s book Killing Cockroaches (aff link). Killing cockroaches is all about being distracted from the big things by having to attack the little problems.

Most of us spend life killing cockroaches instead of killing giants. I hope we can change that as we study God’s Word together! I’ll post articles each week based on the message series along with the audios as they become available.

By the way, I designed the logo for the series in an attempt to capture the concept of falling giants, a word picture inspired by this cool logo.

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