Jesus’ Finest Hour

If you were given one week to live and you knew the end of your life was just days away, what would you do? How would you spend that time? Jesus did know that his hour was coming. He knew His time was nearing. How did He spend His time? Too much material is devoted to His final week to detail it all here, but this is what Jesus’ calendar looked like about a week before the cross…

  • Saturday night… dinner with family and friends in Bethany.
  • Sunday morning… entrance into Jerusalem as the sacrificial Lamb of God.
  • Monday… cursing the fig tree, cleansing the Temple, debating with the Pharisees and Sadducees about authority, taxes, resurrection, law, and lordship.
  • Tuesday… preaching the Olivet discourse, warning disciples of the future, then dinner with Simon the Leper and an intimate time of receiving worship.
  • Tuesday night… celebrating Passover with the disciples, instituting the Lord’s Supper, washing feet, teaching about sacrifice, predicting betrayal, praying for the disciples, wrestling with God in the garden of Gethsemane.
  • Late Tuesday night (Jewish Wednesday)… arrest. Trail. Crucifixion.

I realize my account of passion week is rather different than most. I place Jesus’ death on Wednesday for a variety of reasons, but the priorities of Jesus are clear…

  • Cultivate relationships with God, family, and friends.
  • Pour your life into disciples – reproduce your faith in others.
  • Warn people of the impending judgment.
  • Correct error.
  • Serve.
  • Pray.
  • Embrace all of God’s will no matter what.

So John 12 brings us to one of these moments in which Jesus discusses His finest hour – the hour of His life, and all of history, and all of eternity, that was most important. In John 12:23-33, Jesus took one more opportunity to teach the disciples a great lesson. They had been confused when some Greeks came to inquire about Jesus. They weren’t sure what to do with that. They still didn’t get it, so Jesus taught them…


Accomplish His Greatest Work:
His Sacrifice. (v. 24)

Teach His Greatest Lesson:
Eternity Matters Most. (v. 25)

Issue His Greatest Challenge:
Serve Christ. (v. 26)

Fulfill His Greatest Purpose:
Complete the Father’s Task. (v. 27)

Defeat His Greatest Enemy:
Satan. (v. 31)

Make His Greatest Sacrifice:
That We Might Be Saved. (v. 32)

Jesus spent His last few days living and dying for God, for family and friends, and for a lost world. He wasn’t grabbing all He could, He was letting it all go. He wasn’t living it up, He was laying it down… for you.


1. Have you received the sacrifice He made for you as payment for your sin? He spent the last few days of His life dying for your sins. Have you received that awesome gift or have you ignored it?

2. How are you living? What does this hour of your life look like?

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