There Is More to Sunday Than Meets the Eye

Church Parking LotRecently, our staff met and talked about what Sunday looks like at Grace Hills. We don’t want to be defined by Sundays, but we want to lead people to experience the presence of God in a life-changing way, which requires planning, prayer, and intentionality.

As we walked through the average Sunday morning, we began to list out the various elements that are a part of an individual’s experience, from pulling into the parking lot to heading for lunch afterward. Here is the list we came up with…

  • Preparing
  • Praying
  • Greeting
  • Gathering
  • Singing
  • Participating
  • Hearing
  • Responding
  • Giving
  • Wrapping Up
  • Leaving
  • Living

Why list these out? As we put ourselves in the flip-flops of the first-time guest, it’s important to think about how these elements feel and are experienced. How do people see Christ in us? How do they feel the love of God? How do they experience His life-changing presence and power in each element?

It occurred to us that every weekend service is a journey and our role as leaders is to be guides on the journey. So the music, the message, the greeting, and everything else mentioned above is all about helping people know and experience Christ. In other words, we need to care about it all because we care about all people.

This means that the printing of the bulletin, the setting up of the nursery, and the packing up of all of our equipment is all an act of worship in which we give our best to God, but it’s also an act of service in which we are creating the atmosphere for God to work on the hearts of people.

There is more to a Sunday than meets the eye, and it all deserves our attention.

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About the Author

I'm Brandon. I'm the Lead Pastor of Grace Hills Church in Northwest Arkansas, which my wife, Angie, and I planted in January of 2012. I previously served as a Pastor at Saddleback Church and still manage Pastor Rick Warren's online, global ministry to pastors, I also lead a blog about blogging, a blog about social media, and a blog about men's issues. And I've written a book - Rewired, which challenges the church to adopt social media to spread the good news about Jesus. I sometimes take on church website design projects and I coach pastors and leaders as well. I'd love to hear from you!
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  1. “We don’t want to be defined by Sundays, but we want to lead people to experience the presence of God in a life-changing way, which requires planning, prayer, and intentionality.”
    – I love this!

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