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Is Mad Men a Religious Program?

Mad Men

Well... no, but it certainly makes for a good illustration of a very simple biblical principle - that of consequences. The laws of "sowing and reaping" or "cause and effect" are realities we cannot escape. I loved Russell Moore's post on this topic so much I wanted to pass it …

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A New Definition of YOU


You may not remember the musical group, The Turtles, but you probably remember one of their more famous songs. Do these words ring a bell? Me and you and you and me No matter how they toss the dice It had to be The only one for me is you And you for me So happy together We …

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My Interview Question to Dennis Quaid


Yesterday was a cool day in Los Angeles for me. For my wife, it was cool, mixed with managing a very active almost-one-year-old at a small outdoor shopping mall in 90 degree weather for a few hours while I was off in Hollywood attending a press junket for the Soul Surfer …

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Cages Are Lonely


... so break free. In Jesus, be free indeed. …

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Value the Shrapnel

Social Media Flow

This afternoon I met with some thinkers at Saddleback Church to talk about using social media in ministry. While we were meeting, a thought hit me and I started scribbling in my Moleskine... After I finished with my chicken scratch (a southern term for doodling, …

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Phil Cooke On the Biggest Mistakes Christians Make in the Media

This is an article that Pastors and anyone in the field of Church Communications needs to read and bookmark for later research. It's the short version of a talk that Phil gave at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. Phil was instrumental in sparking a huge interest in …

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The Problem with Both Talent and Charisma


Talent and charisma aren't bad. They're good. They're gifts. In the Bible, Joseph and Daniel are two striking examples of both attributes and how God uses them to put us in places of expanding influence. The problem, however, with both talent and charisma is that they expand our …

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I’m Pumped About Online Small Groups

Online Small Groups at Saddleback

Saddleback Church is making huge leaps forward when it comes to interacting with people across a more social web. Johnny Baker recently became Pastor of the Online Campus, which is finally recognized as an official campus rather than simply an internet-based broadcasting tool. …

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10 Quick Lessons for Every Church Staff Member

Glen Kreun

Today's staff meeting at Saddleback was a bit different from the norm at Saddleback Church. Pastor Tom Holladay shared from his heart 10 lessons he's learned from watching Glen Kreun over the past twenty years of ministry. Pastor Glen served as Executive Pastor of Saddleback for …

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Awesome and Inspiring Photo Manipulations

Dragon on a Finger

I love seeing photo manipulations by people far more talented than me. It's amazing what you can do with Photoshop and a wild imagination. What I really love is not the cool tricks but the stories my mind invents as I look at each one. See the Full Collection …

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