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5 Steps to Getting Unstuck and Having a Fresh Start with Faith

Stuck In the Mud

Ever been stuck? Over the Christmas holiday, my family traveled to Missouri and stayed a night in my in-laws' sweet little cabin in the woods before heading on into St. Louis. It rained a lot that night, and there's no driveway. We got out okay but I managed to forget my wallet …

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33 Great Links for Leaders, Readers, and Creatives – January 3, 2015

Here's a list of some of the best things I've read this week! Great Links and Articles 4 Measurements Leaders Need to Weigh, Not Count, by Scott Cochrane 5 Sure-fire Ways to Motivate Your Son to Use Pornography, by Rick Thomas FREE PDF: The Science of Blogging - How to …

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5 People You Don’t Have to Try to Please Anymore

People Pleasing Pastors

Charles Stone pegged me well with his book People-Pleasing Pastors, which I highly recommend. I have struggled with people-pleasing for most of my life. As a kid, I think I had a positive tendency to want to obey authorities in my life, but as an adult I managed to add to that …

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My Greatest Desire and Biggest Goal for the New Year


I need to lose weight, work out, and rest consistently. I want to be a better husband and Dad. I need to read more books, save and give more money, and share my faith more. But if you want to know the single most important goal I have for the coming year, it is this: to have a …

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My Top Ten Articles for Pastors and Leaders from 2014


I've loved 2014. It's been crazy busy, but there's also been a sweet rhythm to life. I haven't blogged as regularly as I have in past years, but my posts have often been longer, more article-length, and at least half of this year's top ten are actually the top ten of all time …

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God Grows Us Through Practical Teaching

Preaching and Teaching at Grace Hills Church

When it comes to personal growth, the world has plenty of solutions, and all of them are incomplete. I like inspirational quotes and pithy sayings, but I can also feel the difference between wishful thinking and truth backed by divine revelation. This is what makes the difference …

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What to Do When Your Church Seems to Be Dying

Temple Baptist Church Sarnia New Roof

No church leader I know wants to see another church close its doors. We need every local church, now more than ever, if we're going to fulfill the Great Commission as soon as possible. I'm a Baptist who still believes in the perpetuity of biblical, local New Testament churches …

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Preparing Your Heart for a Whole New Year [Video]

New Years Sermon

God always uses five factors to grow and shape us, but our hearts need to be responsive to what He's doing in order for us to really grow. In this message, Pastor Brandon Cox talks about preparing our hearts for a whole new year of growth. …

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Three Phases of Accepting a God-sized Opportunity

When I knew that God was calling me to serve in pastoral ministry for the rest of my life, I wrote a note in the margin of my Bible, "Called to Preach, March 1, 1995." Seven months later, on October 1, I finally surrendered and said "yes" to His call. I had all kinds of reasons …

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A Totally Unexpected Christmas Sermon Series

UnExcpected Christmas Sermon Series

I'm quite excited that after much studying, praying, agonizing, and wrestling, I finally caught a vision for a fresh series of messages for the three weeks leading up to Christmas this year. I'd share the graphics but I don't own the original. You can find it at Graceway …

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