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The “Gospel” Is More Than You’ve Probably Ever Imagined

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In modern evangelicalism, we have several versions of the gospel with which people are familiar. The doctrine of justification by grace through faith, which, may describe the theological ramifications of the gospel, but isn’t actually the gospel. The “plan of salvation” including four spiritual laws, or five steps to peace with God, the Romans Road, or some other presentation and decision-centric …


Let’s Keep Reaching Consumers. Aka, Lost Sheep.

Brandon Culture

“The American church is so consumeristic!” It’s a common uttered by the religiously fed-up, and of course, there’s a lot of truth in it. Some churches in America do tend to cater to the consumeristic mentality of our culture. But I think, on the whole, most churches don’t, and that’s actually part of the problem. The American church has a perceived problem …

Pro Church Tools Podcast: The Small Church Movement

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I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Brady Shearer on the Pro Church Tools podcast. We talked about creativity and branding, but spent even time on the idea that the church in the next generation may be larger than ever, but also spread out in smaller clusters than ever. So it’s absolutely key to think larger …