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God’s Five Purposes for Your Marriage

Brandon and Angie

Angie and I are approaching our 17th wedding anniversary. I'd love to say that we've always been happily married, but that kind of dishonesty wouldn't help you much. Happiness rises and falls, for all of us, married or not. And happiness isn't the real goal of life anyway. Every day, I pray a prayer over my …

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What Happens When We Confess Our Sins?

1 John 1-9

Keeping secrets keeps us sick. Sin, when stuffed and tucked away in our hearts, becomes a raging disease inside of us. Openness, honesty, and confession on the other hand, strip secret sin of its power and produce healing and life in us. One of the verses in the Bible that is vital for every believer to …

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Celebrating the Profound Simplicity of Conversion

Isaiah 45-22

When the Philippian jailer asked, "what must I do to be saved?," Paul didn't break into a discourse about repudiation of self, cross-bearing, and submission of every aspect of one's life to the absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ. All of those are vital to a thorough understanding of the Christian life. But …

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Servanthood: A Birthmark of a Born Again Believer

Son and Slave

"This letter is from Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus." - Romans 1:1 (NLT) What a way to start a letter! That's how Paul opened his letter to the believers in Rome, and I think Paul had two meanings in mind when he identified Himself as a slave. Paul lived in the days of the height of the Roman Empire. Rome …

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You Were Bought With a Price

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

The Bible says, in multiple places (such as 1 Corinthians 6:20) and multiple ways that "you were bought with a price." That means two things are true. First, it means that when you place your faith in Jesus, your sins are forgiven because the penalty required by a holy God for your sins has been paid by …

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Just How Good Do You Have to Be?

Galatians 3-22

God has rules. The problem is, none of us can or do keep them. But the point of God's rules isn't so that, in keeping them, we can be made right with Him. The point of His rules is to make apparent to us our glaring inadequacies and failure and sin. When we are left with no further claim to earning God's favor …

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Harsh Realities Facing Today’s Church

Clear f

About 100,000 churches will be dead in a decade and a half. That's somewhere around one fourth of the churches that exist in America today. Personally, I don't believe "the church" is dying, but the overall health of the church in America will be drastically hindered by the disappearance of so many local …

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Walking… Standing… Sitting…

2014-05-23 07.57.21

We Christians like to make everything an issue of right vs. wrong. Can I do this according to the rules? Can I get away with this lawfully? Sometimes, though, "is this a sin?" is the wrong question. A better question is often a little muddier, but just as important. Is this wise? The Psalms open on the first …

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The Real Source of Our Temptation

Relish In Grace

It isn't a sin to be tempted. It's simply human. Temptation to sin may be the result of living in a sinful world, but experiencing temptation to sin isn't, in itself, the same as committing sin. That doesn't mean temptation isn't dangerous though. James, the half-brother of Jesus, described the natural …

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Pastor, What’s Your Timeline for the Next Year?

Grace Hills Timeline

When we started the work of planting Grace Hills, we developed a timeline to established what we hoped to be doing for the first six months - our "pre-launch" process. It looked like this (except it included July and August - couldn't find that version): Lately, we've grown and I've been quite excited …

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