At Least 10 Things Great Churches Are FOR

Brandon Culture

Is it just me, or has the Internet and social media seemingly been flooded lately by a whole lot of vocal people expressing just how many things they’re against? There’s a culture war going on, and it isn’t just the right versus the left. Society seems divided into all kinds of tribes and micro-communities, but issue after issue keeps dividing those …

Vintage Boxing Ring In Arena

Sermon Video: In the Ring, Seek God

Brandon Preaching

Your spouse is not the “one.” Your spouse is the “two.” God is the One. So seek the One while you seek your two. Or seek the One with your two. What does that mean? It means living a life of worship, as an individual, and as a couple.


Life In the Faith Lane

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From the first chapter of Live, Love, Lead by Brian C. Houston, which I’m currently reading and thoroughly enjoying… As followers of Christ, we are called to follow in his footsteps, living a big life along a difficult path, journeying through the narrow gate toward a glorious future. God redeems us as his Spirit transforms us, making us like Jesus …