We Still Don’t Get It… Human Life is Precious

Brandon Culture

Just after the Supreme Court’s ruling striking down Texas’ laws restricting abortions, I posted a simple status update about all human life being precious… “All human life is precious. ‘You alone created my inner being. You knitted me together inside my mother.’ Ps 139:13” It got lots of likes and amen’s. Since then… Alton Sterling was shot and killed. His death …

Vintage Boxing Ring In Arena

Sermon Video: In the Ring, Stay Pure

Brandon Preaching

It is possible to walk in victory in the area of sexual purity in marriage, and God’s Word gives us the plan for doing so. And, if this is indeed an area you struggle in, check out X3Pure.


A Simple Gospel Invitation to Give Your Life to Jesus

Brandon Theology

There are so many ways to word an invitation to people to become Christians… Repent and believe… Admit, believe, confess… Invite Jesus into your life… Ask Jesus to be your Savior… Give your life to Jesus… Believe and receive… Commit your life to Jesus… Ask Jesus into your heart… (which can mean so many things) I’m from an area of …

Vintage Boxing Ring In Arena

Sermon Video: In the Ring, Fight Fair

Brandon Preaching

This was one of the most difficult sermons I’ve ever preached, mainly because of the ways I’ve blown it in this area personally (which I’ll refer to in the message). Thankfully, as I’ve learned, when we lean harder into God’s grace through repentance, there is healing and recovery. Conflict isn’t always bad. It’s all about how we approach it.


What Kind of Gospel Are You Preaching To You?

Brandon Devotional

Paul David Tripp has a way with words, and his words have a way with my heart. In his June 20 devotional from New Morning Mercies, he talks about one of the most important concepts for a believer to understand, and I couldn’t help but share it here… If you’re God’s to tell yourself you can’t do what you’ve been called …