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What to Do When Your Church Seems to Be Dying

Temple Baptist Church Sarnia New Roof

No church leader I know wants to see another church close its doors. We need every local church, now more than ever, if we're going to fulfill the Great Commission as soon as possible. I'm a Baptist who still believes in the perpetuity of biblical, local New Testament churches …

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Preparing Your Heart for a Whole New Year [Video]

New Years Sermon

God always uses five factors to grow and shape us, but our hearts need to be responsive to what He's doing in order for us to really grow. In this message, Pastor Brandon Cox talks about preparing our hearts for a whole new year of growth. …

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Three Phases of Accepting a God-sized Opportunity

When I knew that God was calling me to serve in pastoral ministry for the rest of my life, I wrote a note in the margin of my Bible, "Called to Preach, March 1, 1995." Seven months later, on October 1, I finally surrendered and said "yes" to His call. I had all kinds of reasons …

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A Totally Unexpected Christmas Sermon Series

UnExcpected Christmas Sermon Series

I'm quite excited that after much studying, praying, agonizing, and wrestling, I finally caught a vision for a fresh series of messages for the three weeks leading up to Christmas this year. I'd share the graphics but I don't own the original. You can find it at Graceway …

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Just How Large Should a Local Church Be? Well…

Small Church Large Church Infographic

I love small churches. I love medium-sized churches. And I love large churches and "megachurches" (typically defined as an evangelical congregation with 2,000 or more weekend service attenders). I also agree with a principle shared by Bailey Smith who once said, "There are no …

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Video: The Wife and I Make Some Sermon Promo Magic

Blooper Reel

What better way to teach about how desperately we need grace to make marriage work than to ask my wife to join me for part of the message to talk about how much grace we've needed to make our marriage work! So to promote this weekend's service, we shot a little promo video …

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You Need Counseling, And You Need to Give Counsel


Some of the spiritually healthiest people I know are in counseling. There seems to be some stigma around it, but getting help with our mental and emotional issues is really a matter of choosing to grow with the help of others. And the New Testament reveals a pretty neat idea in …

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We Are the Church, and We CAN Do Better

On the whole, there are far more negative perceptions of the church in American culture than positive ones. These negative perceptions are based partly in reality as we've often failed to accurately represent Jesus to our culture, and partly in unfairly propagated distortions. We …

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Giving the Gift of a Blessing

The Gift of the Blessing

When I was a fairly young believer, my father-in-law (who was also my Pastor) led us in a study of Gary Smalley and John Trent's The Gift Of The Blessing. We talked then about how frivolously we throw around the words "blessed" and "blessing." We even follow up a sneeze with …

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Sin Within: Why We Do What We Do

The Tingler

At some point in my adolescent years, I experienced the 1959 Vincent Price classic, The Tingler. Ever seen it? For its time, it's creepy. Mr. Price plays Dr. Warren Chapin who has a theory that the emotion of terror is actually caused by a creature living within us that is kept …

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