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Why You Might Be Missing Out on Hearing from God


Ever been in that place where you wonder why God isn't showing up? Why there is no fresh word from Him? In places of depression and despair, we are so often yearning for what it seems God isn't willing to give us - His voice. Elijah the prophet was there once. He was exhausted …

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51 Great Links for Leaders, Readers, and Creatives – February 7, 2015

Jason Bourne

First of all, my favorite story I've read this week can save your life!! How to Develop the Situational Awareness of Jason Bourne, from The Art of Manliness That superhuman ability to observe his surroundings and make detailed assessments about his environment? It’s not …

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Who Are Your 3? Your 12? Your 70? Your Thousands?

Jesus Washing Feet

With whom are you doing life? What I mean is, with whom do you spend time hanging out and talking about the deepest things of life? Whom do you sharpen, and who sharpens you? Jesus lived toward the cross and the resurrection, and his singular focus on his end game motivated …

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Get Out Front! The World Needs You to Lead: 3 Big Challenges

Forces of Nature

Two thirds of the earth's surface is water, yet there are places in the world where people will literally go to war over access to clean drinking water. In the same way, there have never been so many books, seminars, and blogs on leadership, yet the culture is still a giant …

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Pointers for Pastors: How to Respond to the Disgruntled Minority


You and your leadership team make a change, big or small, and it's met with resistance from a vocal and rather upset minority of disgruntled people. Do you address it or ignore it? If you acquiesce, you may lose credibility and leadership equity. If you stick by your guns, you …

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Do You Dare Audit Your Church’s Communication Strategy? 33 Questions to Ask

Blog Graphic

Everything your church does is communication, from the condition of the parking lot to the content in your bulletin to the tone of your sermon. Everything you do communicates something about what you really value, regardless of what you say you value. I'm a church …

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Why You Need to Win This Next Spiritual Battle


Small victories matter! I was reading in Luke's gospel a story I'm familiar with, which is why I was surprised when a couple of verses stood out to me in a way they hadn't before. Right after Satan had finished his spiritual assault on the resolve of Jesus, the Bible says …

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69 Great Links for Leaders, Readers, and Creatives – February 2, 2015

I was away from the office much of last week at a rather productive meeting in southern California, so I didn't get to post these links on Saturday, so here they are on a Monday instead. Oh, my meeting? It was with the leaders and thinkers behind Purpose Driven,, …

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Overwhelmed? 10 Choices You Can Make to Start Overcoming


Do we choose to be overwhelmed? To suffer depression an anxiety? Yes and no. Depression and anxiety are epidemic in our culture. Suicide, the most tragic possible end of these conditions, is all too common today, and the church has had a mixed and mediocre track record of …

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Can You Share Your Vision in An Elevator Speech?


There are often crucial moments when we have an opportunity to be vision-casters with people, one-on-one. It may be a car ride making a visit, coffee with a fellow member, or a staff meeting with five extra minutes at the end. It begs the question, could I state my vision for my …

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