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Pointers for Pastors: How to Respond to the Disgruntled Minority


You and your leadership team make a change, big or small, and it's met with resistance from a vocal and rather upset minority of disgruntled people. Do you address it or ignore it? If you acquiesce, you may lose credibility and leadership equity. If you stick by your guns, you …

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Do You Dare Audit Your Church’s Communication Strategy? 33 Questions to Ask

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Everything your church does is communication, from the condition of the parking lot to the content in your bulletin to the tone of your sermon. Everything you do communicates something about what you really value, regardless of what you say you value. I'm a church …

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Why You Need to Win This Next Spiritual Battle


Small victories matter! I was reading in Luke's gospel a story I'm familiar with, which is why I was surprised when a couple of verses stood out to me in a way they hadn't before. Right after Satan had finished his spiritual assault on the resolve of Jesus, the Bible says …

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69 Great Links for Leaders, Readers, and Creatives – February 2, 2015

I was away from the office much of last week at a rather productive meeting in southern California, so I didn't get to post these links on Saturday, so here they are on a Monday instead. Oh, my meeting? It was with the leaders and thinkers behind Purpose Driven,, …

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Overwhelmed? 10 Choices You Can Make to Start Overcoming


Do we choose to be overwhelmed? To suffer depression an anxiety? Yes and no. Depression and anxiety are epidemic in our culture. Suicide, the most tragic possible end of these conditions, is all too common today, and the church has had a mixed and mediocre track record of …

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Can You Share Your Vision in An Elevator Speech?


There are often crucial moments when we have an opportunity to be vision-casters with people, one-on-one. It may be a car ride making a visit, coffee with a fellow member, or a staff meeting with five extra minutes at the end. It begs the question, could I state my vision for my …

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How to Know When Sunday Was a Success

Baptizing In a Theater Fountain

This past Sunday, Grace Hills had our big Premiere Sunday at the Malco Pinnacle Hills Cinema. We had less than three weeks to prepare for the big move after making the decision to switch locations, so the last week or two have been fairly stressful, but when the big day arrived, …

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48 Great Links for Leaders, Readers, and Creatives – January 24, 2015

Great Links and Articles How to Get our Church to Embrace the Vision, by Shawn Lovejoy 13 Practical Leadership Tips from 10 Years of Managing People, by Alex McClafferty How to Win Battles With Odds Stacked Against You, by Kenny Luck 4 Ways to Beat the Resistance and …

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5 Great Habits for Spiritual Entrepreneurs from Forbes Magazine


Contrary to the approaches of plenty of other ministry leaders, I celebrate spiritual entrepreneurship and believe it's closely related to the apostolic gifts demonstrated by the church's earliest missionaries. Because of my love for leadership, I read too many articles about …

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The 3 Big Questions of this Social, Digital Age

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I've decided to connect with a lot of people in a lot of different ways. I also read a lot of stuff, mostly online but also in print. And I try to write and share great content along the way. The problem is, each of these is never-ending. In other words, there will always be …

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