The Life-Changing Power of Shameless Desperation

Brandon Devotional

Desperation can be a powerful tool for change. Nobody knows this better than Bartimaeus, who received a miraculous healing from Jesus because of his willingness to break social norms, reject passivity, and cry out in shameless desperation. As Jesus passed through the crowds of Jericho, a blind beggar named Bartimaeus was hanging around, just hanging onto hope. When he heard …

God of the Prodigals Title

Sermon Video: You’re Not Home Yet

Brandon Preaching

We the idea of “home.” But no matter how hard we search, we can never quite find it. Nothing fulfills us the way we’d thought. Why? Because we weren’t made for a world like this one. We were made for the next world, our real home, and God is preparing it for his entire forever family.