The Difference Maker Wants to Live in You

The Holy Spirit isn’t a magical, mystical, impersonal force. Nor is he a substance we receive in particular measures. The Holy Spirit is fully God, very personal, and he moves completely and permanently into the life of every follower of Jesus to be the ultimate Difference Maker in our lives. Listen as Pastor Brandon shares about the difference the Holy Spirit has made in history, and the difference he wants to make in your life.

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IF You’re Interested in Growing Beyond the 100 Barrier


Here’s a good chance to “click away.” If you think having a strategy to grow a church’s weekly worship attendance is too pragmatic, move along – you’re in the wrong classroom and I don’t have a comments section anyway. Now… IF and ONLY if you’re a Pastor, interested in helping your church reach more than 100 people in weekly attendance, read Brian Jones’ blog post about how to break the 100 barrier.

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Sermon Video: Jesus Wants to Give You a Purpose to Live For

We live in a world plagued by frustration and anxiety. Why? Because we’re trying to be “good enough” for other people, and even for God, but without any real power. Jesus died and rose again to give us an entirely new purpose for living. Learn from the story of a former terrorist named Saul what it really means to live for Jesus.

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5 Thoughts About Spending Your Leadership Equity Wisely


When you walk into a leadership opportunity, you go with a little bit of equity by virtue of your position and the inevitable honeymoon period during which those you lead will let you get by with just a bit more than they will a decade later, but you have to be very careful with that equity. Every decision you make, and every risk you lead your organization to take will require an investment of some of your leadership equity (the trust people place in you).

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