What I Do

I'm a Pastor

I serve as the Lead Pastor of Grace Hills Church in Northwest Arkansas, which my wife, Angie, and I began planting in the summer of 2011. The church has grown from a handful of people to over 400 in attendance each week and has sent multiple missionaries and church planters.

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I Coach Leaders

One of the reasons I haven’t died (yet) in the process of planting a church is that I’ve been coached along the way by some great leaders. Now, I coach other leaders through whatever it is that is keeping them up at night to help them get unstuck.

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I Create Websites

I’ve been building websites and blogs for churches, businesses, and nonprofits for over a decade. What started as a hobby turned into a bit of a passion as my perfectionism leads me to strategically think through every detail of my projects with a focus on usability.

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I'm an Editor

In 2010, I joined the staff of Saddleback Church in southern California as a Pastor and took on the role of Editor and Online Community Facilitator for Pastors.com, Pastor Rick Warren’s online ministry to pastors and church leaders.

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My Latest Articles

I’ve written a post about how to embrace the process of growing over at my blog for men, BoldForGood.com: New Year’s is magical for most of us. January 1 holds almost mystical powers for us. It’s okay. It’s a new...
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I’m writing this article to a generation that might never have heard the old song, Old Time Religion (so I included a clip from an old movie, Sergeant York, for you). I grew up in an old-fashioned church. We had an...
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Online Marketing
I recently wrote a post about the basics of affiliate marketing over at my blog about blogging: Have you thought about jumping into affiliate marketing but aren’t sure where to start? Without a good course or some coaching or a...
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You obviously need to follow Jesus, believe the truth of his Word, and rely on the power of the Holy Spirit. A solid theology is the foundation for any year of preaching and leading in the context of a local...
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The span between Malachi and Matthew lasted approximately four hundred years, often referred to by scholars as the “400 silent years” since there were no records of prophecies or angelic appearances. Then, God spoke. And when God broke the silence,...
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Mind Blowing Scene
Christmas is a special season. We set it aside to worship Jesus. And eat fudge, shop a lot, travel, shop some more, and go to parties. Did you know, the average American will spend 66 hours this year preparing for...
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Because of my role as an Editor and Online Community Facilitator, I’m exposed to a very wide variety of thinking within the modern church. I read blogs by the reformed, the missional, the fundamental, the emerging, the evangelical, and the...
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I’m a Pastor, so in my line of work, I meet a lot of single moms who are doing the absolute best they can to raise their kids into godly young men and women. I see other married moms who are...
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Everything VeggieTales
Where would our society be without Christian gift stores? They used to be called bookstores, but the real revenue is in the gifts, the trinkets, and the $5 upsells at the register. By not shopping in regular gift stores, this industry...
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