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Books: Real-Time Connections – Linking Your Job With God’s Global Work

Real Time Connections by Bob RobertsA few months ago I had the privilege of meeting Bob Roberts in his office in the Dallas area and he gave me a copy of his book, Real Time Connections: Linking Your Job with God’s Global Work. He even signed it with the inscription “Change the world. Don’t let people go to hell. ~ Bob Roberts.” Simple task, right?

Bob’s book is an instruction manual for every believer to do just that – change the world. He rids us of the notion that you cannot have a global mission unless you’ve entered into full time ministry. Instead he shows, step-by-step, how to develop a missional philosophy in which every connection we have with every other person on earth provides us a launching pad for the message of the gospel.

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How Do You Juggle It All?

Right now, I’m managing the re-launch of, several creative projects, multiple blogs, and a few other odds and ends. Some of you are managing much more (like toddlers, messy husbands, or air traffic control).

I’ve written before that I believe this is the age of many hats. One of the questions I hear a lot is “how do you manage it all?” I not only hear it asked of me, but I hear it asked of nearly everyone. We’re all busy… or we’re not that busy, we’re just whiners (compared to the Puritans at least). Either way, we certainly live in an age of immense complexity.

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Seven Ways Twitter Will Improve Your Preaching and Teaching

John Calvin published 22 volumes of commentaries on the Bible and Martin Lloyd-Jones published 9 volumes on Romans alone. What if you could remove all of the non-essential language, antiquated stories, and strip all of that knowledge down to some bite-sized, transportable truths? There is certainly room for argument against such condensation of historic works, but we have to realize that we live in a society inundated with more information in a day than Calvin consumed in a year.

In other words, the ability to be succinct and concise is worth gold when communicating truth in today’s culture. And Twitter helps. The ability to write volumes of words is impressive, but possibly not as impressive as the ability to take a deep and complex theological truth or spiritual application and package it in 140 characters or less.

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Get More Social by Listening to Your Community

Yesterday, we kicked off the first day of Saddleback’s annual conference for church leaders, Radicalis. (In fact, you can still see it for free at for free with the code “RADRICK11″.) One of my responsibilities is monitoring the social networking streams for mentions of our conference using the #rad11 hashtag. It’s been very cool to see the real-time feedback coming from our community of conference enthusiasts.

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Your Resume Might Need a Re-design

I couldn’t help but comment on this Mashable post about 9 dynamic digital resumes. I know that the process of mailing (or emailing) in a resume will be around for a while, but I also think it’s a virtually useless process when it comes to actually knowing a potential job candidate. It’s a digital world that requires familiarity with someone’s digital presence.

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