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Jesus’ Crystal Clear Theological Affirmations

Jesus wasn’t always clear. He told parables not for the purpose of simplifying and illustrating truths to make them more understandable, but to present the mysteries of the kingdom to the few who would catch the underlying meanings. Jesus is the greatest philosopher the world has ever known. He could go deep, get confusing, and be abstract anytime He chose to do so.


Jesus made certain truths very, very clear. For example…

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Showcase of Beautiful Typography in Web Design

The most recent trend in the typography is to use bigger fonts that hold the attention of the onlookers. Using large typographic elements helps visitors paying attention to the part where you want them to focus, but again do not overdo it.

Typography in Web Design

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Do You Really Want Fewer Interruptions?

I’ve just published a post over at about how to eliminate interruptions and have more time for less people… If that sounds like a mistake, you should go read the article and leave me a comment.

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The Life of a Social Media Manager [Infographic]

I’m not a social media manager, but social media management is a big part of what I do every day in relation to Saddleback and So I identify closely with this infographic (courtesy of the SocialCast blog.

The Hectic Life of a Social Media Manager

What You Should Know About Rick Warren’s Worldview

Rick Warren Tweets Jesus Is God

For some time now, I’ve been serving as a Pastor to Saddleback Church’s correspondence team, a group of dedicated staff and volunteers who answer over 100,000 emails per year about a range of subjects. Not a week goes by that I don’t see an email (or twenty) asking for Pastor Rick’s response to what someone said in criticism of his views on a variety of subjects.

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