The Primary Purpose of a Church Staff

August 16, 2010By BrandonLeadership 1 Comment

Last weekend, I had the privilege of traveling across part of Texas with two associates, David Chrzan (Chief of Staff at Saddleback) and Dave Alford who is doing some preparation work for some big things to come related to church planting. I’m going to take a few days and blog some of the highlights – … Read More

Connecting With the Disconnected Connected

August 10, 2010By BrandonCommunications, Culture 16 Comments

I was quite fascinated today to read Chris Brogan’s take on on campuses like that of Within Christianity, critics come out of the woodwork to debate the pro’s and con’s of “doing church on.” Here at Saddleback we have an on campus where people gather to listen and discuss the live service, and we’ve … Read More

Mining Your Social Web Relationships

August 9, 2010By BrandonCommunications 2 Comments

I’ve just written a post over at Fuel Your Blogging about some tools for ing into your social networking relationships. In that post, I talk briefly about how I believe we’re in the adolescence period of the internet. We’re still focused on the “cool” factor of the tools we use, but some of the tools … Read More

God Took Me To School About My Rules

August 2, 2010By BrandonLiving 11 Comments

Yesterday, we headed to Treasure Island Beach. It’s a beautiful spot in Laguna Beach hidden away behind the Montage Resort. You have to hike a bit to get down to it, but once you’re there, you’re enclosed between two beautiful cliffs. We put our towels down about 50 feet from the wet sand to make … Read More

Pastor, Don’t Forget Your Soul!

July 29, 2010By BrandonLeadership 1 Comment

This is the age of innovative ministry techniques and methodologies. We’re mad with creativity, which I , but at times we can be right in the midst of innovation and be missing out on developing something so much vital – our souls. I went through a period quite a few years ago in which … Read More

Committees Don’t Do Ministry, People Do Ministry

July 28, 2010By BrandonLeadership 5 Comments

Committees meet. They schedule a meeting to talk about all the stuff there is to do and who could possibly do it. I was reading this morning from John Maxwell’s Leadership Gold: Lessons I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Leading. In chapter 18, entitled “the secret to a good meeting is the meeting before the … Read More