Influence Is Great, But To What End?

October 12, 2010By BrandonLeadership

I like the word “influence” as you probably do too. I want of it. It’s why Christians are left on earth after being saved and not drafted instantly into heave – so we can influence others to follow Christ. But I see a trend within our culture of downsizing the value of influence. We … Read More

Get Me to Rome! Thoughts on Having Big Goals

October 10, 2010By BrandonLiving

This weekend, Pastor Rick Warren kicked off our Decade of Destiny spiritual growth campaign at Saddleback with a message about having a goal, a vision, a dream for your life. He used the scriptural example of Eleazar going back to Iraq to find a bride for Isaac, but my mind kept running to other examples … Read More

Get Ready for Radicalis 2011

October 9, 2010By BrandonLeadership

Get ready. I’m going to be posting about Radicalis 2011 quite a bit between now and February. Why? Because It’s an Awesome Conference for Pastors and Staff Teams It’s like 14 conferences rolled into one, with plenary sessions and inspirational speakers. Our guests will include Pete Wilson, Dave Gibbons, Matt Carter, Shawn Lovejoy, and Steven … Read More

Our Message Ought to Be Both Timeless and Timely

October 7, 2010By BrandonCommunications

MediaSalt (an excellent resource for church communications) just published an article I wrote called “Giving Your Communications Roots and Wings.” It’s a message about how our very timeless message needs to be timely as well. We live in a very real-time culture, which has produced a very real-time web. Can you keep up and keep … Read More