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Why? The Question We All Ask

Brandon Culture

Our hearts break for the families who have lost d ones in Newtown, Connecticut. There is no possible way to explain the actions of a mentally disturbed young man who would walk into a school and murder 26 people, including 20 children. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering of the parents, relatives, and friends. Last night, when I put …

Pharisees and Jesus

5 Ways to Preach Like a Pharisee

Brandon Preaching

Many of the Pharisees were probably great teachers and skilled speakers. I’m sure many were charismatic, skilled communicators. But by the time Jesus arrived on the scene, the Pharisees, on the whole, were killing the culture around them spiritually. Jesus had a lot of work to do just to unwire people from the performance-driven, legalistic trap of pharisaism. I’ve been …

The Coaching Workshop

Join Me for a Coaching Workshop in Northwest Arkansas

Brandon Leadership

I’m teaming up with Danny Kirk, who coaches me on a regular basis, to offer a three-day coaching workshop in northwest Arkansas. What in the world is that? The Coaching Workshop Coaching is the discip of using relational influence, powerful questions, and encouragement to cause an individual or team to move forward in God’s mission.  Coaching honors the uniqueness of …


I’m Taking the Plunge – I’m Writing a Book

Brandon Books, Living

I’m planting a new church, we’re expecting our third child, and I’m still working on building a global community of Pastors. May as well write a bo, too. I was recently approached by an Editor with Passio, the newest im of Charisma House Publishing. My good friend, Artie Davis, has just completed writing on his first bo, Craveable, with Passio …

Soup Line

Ranting on Facebook versus Doing the Hard Stuff

Brandon Culture

Ranting and raving on about how the immoral, evil, liberal, leftist, socialists have taken over and will be the demise of our country doesn’t equate to you “standing up for what is right” or “making a difference.” It means you can type. Congrats. I understand posting about issues you feel strongly about and have no problem with anyone who …