Why You’re Annoyed by Social Media Discussions

May 5, 2011Communications 2 Comments

Just a note: This is one of those self-reflective, -to-myself-than-to-you posts. Come on. Die already – social media conferences, social media blogs, and conversations about social media conferences and blogs. Are you with me? (I actually enjoy conferences, but I’m trying to appeal to the side of you that’s a bit like me sometimes – … Read More

What the Greatest Minds In Church Communications Know

May 5, 2011Communications

Very little… in a good way. Last night, I sat in a big room at Saddleback where I was surrounded by geniuses in the field (speakers and panelists from Cultivate 2011 as we held three brief conversations about three different themes: How do we keep things simple? How do we keep things social? How do … Read More

How You Can Help Plant Grace Hills Church

May 4, 2011General 1 Comment

Donate to Relocation to Plant Grace Hills Church   Or, if you’re a PayPal nut… We are now just sixty days from relocating to northwest Arkansas to begin the work of planting Grace Hills Church. The feedback we’ve received thus far has been tremendously positive. We’ve been encouraged by friends and family, fellow church planters, … Read More

Can a Small Group Use Facebook?

May 2, 2011Communications

Yes, in plenty of ways, but I’ve outd eight of them in an article published on the Twelve blog, a site dedicated to an upcoming conference at which I’ll be speaking on a similar subject. Check It Out! s

The Fine Line Between Fear and Fun

May 1, 2011Living 2 Comments

My wife headed for Vegas this past weekend, so I to a day off and headed with the kids over to our pool. I put my one-year-old son, Sam, in his frog suit and held him in the rather cold water. He had a blast, but whenever I would move around much or hold him … Read More

Grace Hills Church Is Alive On the Web

April 29, 2011Communications

And later this year, will be alive in the sense of a community of people gathering together to discover and deepen our relationship with Jesus. Someday, perhaps we’ll meet in some kind of building. But I’m far concerned that we are actively and visibly present in the community to which God has called us … Read More

You Need to Know Mark Howell

April 29, 2011Leadership

I once had a tradition of telling you whom you should know – leaders from whom I’m learning – and I’m reviving that practice today by recommending Mark Howell. Mark is one of our Pastors.com community contributors and I asked him to become one on the basis of his practical and helpful insights, plus a … Read More