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Rick Warren Will Pray the Invocation at Barack Obama’s Inauguration

Wow, the media has really enjoyed this particular debacle. The gay rights movement is up in arms over Barack Obama's choice of Rick Warren to pray the invocation at his inauguration in January. This results primarily from Rick's endorsement of Proposition 8, which is essentially a protection of the definition …

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But What Can You Do?

I have a good friend who is VP of Human Resources for a well-known company. We used to have lunch together about once per month to catch up and talk about leadership together. He told me how he made it to his current position and it was a story that permanently inspired me. It all revolved around a question, …

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Really Enjoy Christmas This Year

The economy has tanked and we've elected a Democratic President, but things could be worse (just a joke, folks). I love Christmas and it's one week away from my posting this little blog. I wanted to pass along some tips for making Christmas interesting this year. You may already do these things, and I don't do …

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Caesar vs. Jesus: A Tale of Two Kingdoms

It never hit me until today. Just listen to Luke 1:1-7 like you've never listened before... And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed. (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.) And all went to be taxed, …

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Persuade Your Audience to Listen

Truth doesn't change, but how truth is communicated changes and fluctuates with culture. Many organizations no longer communicate with the surrounding culture not because their message is outdated, but because their communication is out of style and out of sync. But the goal of marketing, sales, evangelism, …

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Church Attendance Rising During Recession?

I just read an article in Church Solutions about how church attendance seems to be rising during the current recession. This doesn't surprise me. At Bethel, we've experienced a growing attendance, a greater number of prayer requests, and also a greater number of opportunities to minister to suffering families. …

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Free Christmas Gift Wrapping


Well, you missed it if you didn't find us today at Pinnacel Hills Promenade. We had a lot of people donating wrapping materials, money (thanks to Sam's Club), and time to allow us (Bethel Baptist Church) to offer free Christmas gift wrapping to shoppers, no strings attached... just bows! It was a blessing - …

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Stories About Giving… Starting with Shoes

shoe giveaway

This past Sunday, I talked about giving. Toward the end of the message, I challenged people to take off their shoes and leave them at church. We give away shoes several times per year and hundreds of people come with a need. As people walked out of church barefoot across the cold, hard concrete, they were to …

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Relating the Ten Commandments to Business

I have a firm opinion that living out the Christian faith in the workplace is one of the most powerful keys to reaching our culture for Christ. This begins with a testimony of integrity. My friend Joshua Ramsey has written a pretty neat article about integrating the Ten Commandments into life in the business …

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