Demolishing Strongholds

Danny R. Kirk

Living Room FortI love having what I call “family fortnights,” nights when our family builds a fort. Sometimes we break our sectional sofa apart and turn pieces of it up on end, stretch blankets and bedsheets over it all and create a fort. In the imagination of my toddler, this creates a special fortress of protection from the elements and our enemies. In the mind of my wife, I’m making a mess of her living room, but she’s in the fort too.

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Remember Where You Live

A10 WarthogI’ll admit it. I’m a fan of the Military Channel and the History Channel. It’s partly for my love of history, but it’s also because the study of history is a study of war and weaponry. Don’t misunderstand. I don’t like war and I hate the destruction that weapons cause in the wrong hands, but there’s something that fascinates a man’s soul about the destructive potential of high-powered sniper rifles and the attack agility of an A-10 Warthog (that’s a fighter jet, not an animal).

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You Can Always Talk to God


WalkieMy daughter has never heard a busy signal. For that matter, she’s never had a home phone number to memorize. We live in an age of almost ubiquitous, instantaneous access. I run back home if I realize I forgot my phone. Sometimes I receive a text from someone and then receive one an hour later asking, did you get my text? as if texting demands the same immediate response that calling does.

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