Confronting Your Fears

Fear, as a sense of caution about things that are truly threatening, is your friend. But fear about things that are only imagined to be threatening is crippling in our spiritual life. One of the most repeated commands in the Bible is “fear not.” For example, “I have commanded you, ‘Be strong and courageous! Don’t…

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How to Walk In the Spirit

There’s an old hymn entitled Living for Jesus, but the I understand about the New Testament, the I realize that it isn’t about us living for Jesus, as though our performance is done independently of Him as He watches. Instead, we get to live with Jesus. That is, He is involved in our lives as we…

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How to Walk In the Light

I recently stayed in a hotel that offered a special mirror in the bathroom. It magnified every flaw and every wrinkle on my face and then shined a bright light on them! Why would anyone want to stay at that hotel? Honesty is hard because it forces us to expose our true selves and we…

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