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A Great Roundup of WordPress Inspiration, Tutorials, and Themes

I love Wordpress! Of course, I’m not alone – I merely join many thousands of others who understand the power of Wordpress for design, blogging, and SEO greatness. I wanted to not only pass along my ten favorite sources of Wordpress inspiration and information, but also invite …

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Just Be Good for God’s Sake

I'm sure you never have those punched-in-the-gut, get-real-with-yourself moments the way I do, right? My wife has just taken on a position of teaching Bible to 6th and 7th graders at Lifeway Christian School. She's a bit nervous about her ability to excel at it. After a …

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A Ginourmous List of WordPress Stuff


Over at my other design blog, Creative Cox, I've published a list of Wordpress resources. Pass along or add to the stack yourself. Enjoy! …

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Life Is Like A Sandcastle… Which Has Its Downside!

photo credit: Sister72 Jesus said life can either be like a sandcastle, which is built for a day only, not for eternity. Or it can be built on a stone foundation. The difference is simple... build your life on liquid, shifting, unstable values and you're bound to crumble in …

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Literally the Most Creative Inspiration in my World!

Brandon Cox Sent from my iPhone …

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Why the Local Church Matters So Much to Missions


What image comes to your mind when you think of the word "missions?" I think there are several that are fairly prominent - an old guy in a fat tie with a boring voice and a slide projector, a massive organization or denomination spending millions of dollars per year orchestrating …

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Chuck Swindoll on the Marks of a Mentor: Trust

The mentors we admire are like the bosses we love to work for: they are not controlling people. They trust you when they’re not around. They give you an assignment and they rely on you to follow through. They’re not peeking in your window. They don’t squint through your keyhole. …

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Relationship Principles for Life (Part 3)


Just a review... Truth #1: It's Not About Me! Truth #2: We Should Speak the Truth in Love In America, we have an incredibly individualistic focus. We tend to fix our gaze on the achievements of the one, whereas ancient and more remote cultures tend to focus on the larger …

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Why?… Sounds A Lot Like Waaa!


My wife, Angie, and I have been riding an emotional roller coaster lately when it comes to the particular issue of having more children. Her and I have both spoken and written about this before. Infertility (for us, it's secondary infertility - we have one) produces this up and …

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Relationship Principles for Life (Part 2)


Here's a link to the whole series. Last week I wrote about the first of several relationship principles for life and that was It's Not About Me. Today I'm moving into Ephesians 4 for the next several principles for relationships. We should speak the truth in love (Eph. …

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