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Why I Love the Atlanta Airport

I flew out of northwest Arkansas yesterday, one half hour late because of the 1 inch of snow on the grass around the runway… landed in Atlanta and had 25 minutes to get to my terminal – T-03. After taking the subway to T-03, I saw that the flight had been moved all the way back to B-31. Both of these gates are at the far ends of their respective terminals. Needless to say, I arrived at the gate just in time to see my plane take flight.

So I spent five hours waiting for the next flight to Orange County, then five hours on the flight itself. This proved to be a remarkable time. It’s not actually that I love airports, it’s that I loved the solitude. I read, then I read more. I read two books. Out of those two books, I learned some amazing truths. They aren’t new, but they’re powerful truths. I’ll review the better book later, but for now, just some lessons I learned…

There is no such thing as partial holiness. You can’t be almost pure. In the Christian life, there’s no room for a little bit of sin. It’s all or nothing.

The author compared the Christian life to the taking of the promised land by the Israelites (which is theologically more fitting than comparing it to heaven, by the way). The question was asked simply, “Have you purged out all of the potential pitfalls in your life?”

The other truth that hit me with even greater force was this…

If you give up the battle now, you’ll never know if you could’ve been a godly man or not.

How true. The moment you allow temptation to win, you surrender the ability to ever know whether you could’ve won the battle or not. Life is war. Prayer is our war-time walkie-talkie. The Bible is a sword and faith is a shield.

I haven’t even made it to Saddleback yet to the conference, yet I’ve already learned a great deal.

And as for sitting in an airport for five hours, then in a cramped seat on a plan for just as long? I deserve hell. Yesterday was paradise in comparison!

More later.

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  1. Kerrie Smith says:

    Pastor Brandon:

    I enjoyed reading your post today. I learned a lot, too, about what you typed here. First of all, I wonder if we sometimes think we can be "partially holy." We think we have the right to escape lining up with God completely. Of course, that doesn't mean we'll be perfect by any means, but it does mean we want to do God's whole Will for our lives and not just part of it. And I also liked what the author of that book you read said about a little bit of sin. It is indeed all or nothing. We certainly cannot say it's nothing because we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23.) But we're thankful that God forgives us for our sins. Another thing, too, that I know was not mentioned, but I thought I would point it out, and that is that we don't like to call sin "sin." We like to gloss it over and call it other names, such as "just a little mistake." Anyway, sorry I got on my soap box. I just thought I would share what I thought.

    • I'm certainly glad you shared your thoughts – I like that last one about calling sin for what it is. We have to face some harsh realities if we're ever going to overcome sin in our lives.

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