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What Will Be Said at My Funeral?


Today I attended the funeral of Larry Markum who served as a Pastor, Missionary, and Church Planter. I was amazed by the number of friends and family who attended from several states to pay tribute to his life and testimony. When I moved to Northwest Arkansas, Bro. Markum called me up just to have prayer with me, and he called me periodically just to check in. The service was moving, a blessing to everybody who attended.

Earlier this week, my wife and I watched parts of the funeral of Jill Attebery, whose life also impacted so many. Angie and I had a conversation about these events in which we grappled with the question, “What would be said about me at my funeral if I died today?” It’s a huge question.

I remember listening to the funeral of W. A. Criswell online and Dr. Mac Brunson spoke of the word “influence” being made up of two words meaning “in flow.” That is, our influence speaks of those who are “in the flow” of our lives.

Let me ask you, who is downstream from you, and how are your choices each day affecting them? What kind of influence do you have and what kind of mark will you leave on the world you leave behind? All of us will leave some kind of legacy. What would you want to be said of you at your funeral?

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  1. Great post. I wrote one that had similar tones – we really can make choices now that can change our hearts and the hearts of others toward us.

    My post is at

    I enjoy your blog.

    James H
    Service – The Action Form of Love

    James H’s last blog post..Trashy

  2. Good thoughts and your post should start people thinking. I often am approached after funeral services by attendees who ask, “Wonder if they’ll be as nice at my funeral?” Everybody has good in them and everyone has a story that should be shared. We all impact other lives in big ways or small ways – but your post reminds me that what we do every day matters. Thanks for the post, Pam.

  3. I don’t see it as downstream from me. I see it as being all in the same gently whirlpool.

    Allan’s last blog post..Semper Fidelis

  4. Brother Larry led me to Jesus in my living room. God used him in a mighty way in my life and the life of my family.
    First funeral I have ever been to that had a call to salvation for those in attendence. One Sunday while preaching; Brother Larry even made a comment about how we need to do that in funerals.
    That man is truly a friend of God. His life counted for the good of the kingdom. Larry definitely knew Jesus. He is an amazing man. His funeral was exactly the way a child of Gods funeral should be. Larry will be missed on this earth. I love him so much!!!

  5. yasser Quintanilla says:

    thanks Br.Larry i will never forget ,gracias por presentarme el plan de salvacion y ser salvo ese dia .todos sabemos donde esta ,que lastima que perdimos un gran ganador de almas en este mundo .

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