We Have a Baby In the House


…and everything changes just a bit.

Samuel David is precious. He’s a gift from God in answer to years of prayer. Along with a new baby in the house comes a reminder about the nature of babies.

With a baby in the house, you don’t get to decide what gets your attention. Plans and schedules fly out the window and everybody’s help is needed. Sleep is a luxury, crying is normal (including Mom), and dirty diapers are somehow… precious.

God sends babies into the world for a variety of reasons. They show His creative handiwork, they bless our lives, and with proper biblical parenting, they grow up to impact their world. But there’s another lesson I’m reminded of this week…

Life does not revolve around me (or you), and it’s never about controlling everything.

You can’t manage a baby. You can’t schedule diaper-changes. All you can do is respond to what happens and provide love and care. Babies make us live a little differently… a little better I think.

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