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Today, We Take a Little Leap

Jumping Squirrel

...and here... we... go!

I’m writing this brief note just a couple of hours before my wife gets home… from work… for the last time (at least for a really, really long time). We’ve never done this before. She’s going to stay at home. She’s a little excited and a little nervous. I’m pretty happy about the whole experiment.

We have other leaps coming up too. After she gets home from work… for the last time… we’re going to the Doctor who will check everything out and make sure we’re all-a-go for a scheduled c-section on April 12th (if Samuel lets us get that far).

Life is flying by, may as well fly with it!

photo credit: Navicore

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  1. Awesome! We will be praying for your family!
    .-= Dusty Rayburn´s last blog ..What Does Easter Mean to You? =-.

  2. That's awesome Brandon! Praying for a safe delivery. :)
    .-= Kevin M.´s last blog ..Favourite Links Friday 4/2/10 =-.

  3. Kerrie Smith says:

    Oh, boy, you're right, …here you all go… I'm praying for you all, too. Taking leaps are always interesting. It seems as if it was yesterday when all of my nieces and nephews were born and each one has his/her own personality, so it will be interesting how Samuel turns out. Hmmm, maybe he'll have a lot of your traits, but I have to honestly say I hope he does like sweet potatoes. Oh-oh, am I in trouble for that one? Guess I'll have to deal with that, won't I? LOL!!!

  4. Awesome! Its always fun to be apart of those life transitions where you have no idea whats going to happen, but you know God is there. Hang on and enjoy…18 years goes by really fast.
    .-= Daniel Berman´s last blog ..Personal Situation Context: Evolution of Information Evaluation =-.

  5. Brandon,

    Good for you! My wife has been a stay at home Mom for about 9 years. We never thought we could do it. It's TOUGH sometimes. But we wouldn't trade the privilege of raising our own kids for all the money in the world!

    It's encouraging to hear of others taking the plunge.


    Derek Ashton
    .-= Derek Ashton´s last blog ..PARADOX FILES, Vol. 12 =-.

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