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The Priceless Privilege of Baptizing My Daughter

Rather than writing a lengthy post about this huge moment in my daughter’s life (and mine and Angie’s as well), I thought I’d just let you watch the video and hear my comments. I’m quite thankful that family and friends at a distance can enjoy this video. Two things to notice. On her way down the steps, she panics for just a second and says, “I don’t want to today…” But she never stops smiling. Then, we’re not sure what was up with her feeling of paralysis at the end, but it also gave us a good laugh.

Ella’s Baptism from Brandon Cox on Vimeo.

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  1. I’m so proud of her. I didn’t think she would do it at first. She was a trooper. Congratulations!!

    Justin Williams’s last blog post..Comics & Cartoons

  2. doesn’t play? any reasons?

  3. What a blessing, a time when the angels rejoiced. Thank God for a medium like this to share this good news with the world.
    Also, still looking for location of your sermon on the book of Numbers

    rosie’s last blog post..Pull Back and Breath During Your Next Fast-Paced Presentation

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