Takeaways from Radicalis Day #4


So why the delay between my Day 3 post and this one? Well, I had to leave Radicalis early on Friday to catch a flight. I found out in Orange County that my connecting flight in Atlanta had already been cancelled (becuase of the forecast of snow). No biggie – my wife booked me a room in Atlanta. The next day? Mayhem. My second flight out was cancelled and my third flight out I missed because I was standing in line for seven hours to get a boarding pass.

Did I complain? Nope. And I’m not complaining now. I got to know a few cool folks standing around me. I had time to think about the six hours when Jesus hung on the cross (which makes standing in an airport cake) and the fact that I really deserve hell anyway which also makes standing in line a pleasure. (When I shared this latter lesson with a lady behind me, she looked at me like I was totally nuts.) So finally, some takeaways…

From Kerry Shook…

Leaders make a big target.

Whenever you step out to lead anything, you’ll get the “who do you think you are anyway?”

I’m a pathetic leader if I’m not leading from purpose.

You will lead with purpose and lead w/instinct when you lead form your knees.

You’ve got to lead with creative change as well.

(Every growing church I know has an atmosphere of creative change – change for change’s sake gets a bad wrap, but ultimately, it keeps us off center and out of the comfort zone.)

The most dangerous arrow that can be shot at a leader is the arrow of flattery.

When the possibilities and your passion collide, it’s a beautiful thing.

God wants to multiply your influence through the ideas and the passion He gives you.

If you live the next month as if it’s your last, you’ll be more alive at the end than you’ve ever been.

Pastor, the most important people you are influencing are your children.

You can never take anyone further than you continue to grow.

Rick Warren…

Rick keeps a “warnings file” filled with news clippings of Pastors who have fallen to a temptation by either money, sex, or power.

The antitode to these is purity, generosity, and humility.

… and then I had to leave.

I loved Radicalis and can’t wait till the even occurs again in 2011! It was a pleasure to meet some really great people. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the moment when I was sitting in the green room and Rick Warren came in, inviting everybody in the room to lunch in his office, including me. Since I already had plans with my friend David, I said, “Would love to but I’m afraid I have plans with David…” Rick’s reply? “Well you’re welcome!” (with a big smile).

I can’t believe I turned down Rick Warren for lunch – had I completely lost my mind? But talking about how to love Pastors with David was worth it. And did I mention, over that lunch, I got to enjoy Chick-fil-A’s newest creation, the spicy chicken sandwich? (coming to a CFA near you soon!)

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