Takeaways from Radicalis Day #1

Today was pretty awesome in a variety of ways. I woke up in southern California, had some quiet time and then hopped on a van with Andy Stanley and Jeff Henderson and headed over to Saddleback. Once there I heard three tremendous messages by Rick Warren, Andy, and Perry Noble. Here are some of the notes I wrote…

From Rick Warren’s First Message:

When God wants to make a mushroom, He does it in 6 hours. When He wants to make an oak tree, He takes 60 years. Which do you want to be?

We want better methods, but God wants better men.

The roots matter the most.

Who you are in private determines who you lead in public.

No roots, no fruits!

Every single problem in your life comes from not being rooted in God’s love.

You don’t get credit for starting the race.

Deep roots: 1) are not bothered by the heat, 2) are not worried by the drought, 3) have leaves that stay green, and 4) keep producing fruit.

Polka is the music of hell…

Your problem is not that you don’t love God enough. It’s that you don’t realize how much He loves you.

God is not mad at you, He’s mad about you.

Your greatest strength will be your greatest temptation.

From Perry Noble:

Radical devotion begins with an accurate view of Jesus, calls us to action, will impact me personally, and will lead to the supernatural.

If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill.

If people aren’t leaving, you probably aren’t leading. (not sure if I agree on this one)

From Rick Warren’s Second Session:

The basis for radical preaching is the Great Commission.

The goal of radical preaching is obedience.

The result of radical preaching is a serving disciple.

You only believe in the parts of the Bible you do.

All behavior is based on a belief.

Behind every sin is a lie I’m believing.

Change begins in the mind.

Trying to change people’s behavior without changing their beliefs is useless.

I spent the afternoon in a several-hour meeting with some very interesting people. The Editors of two well-known magazines along with some Saddleback staff and I talked about how to use online publishing to reach out to Pastors. We talked about everything from the shifting of culture to the landscape of current Christian leadership. It was eye-opening and encouraging.

One of the neatest parts of the day was meeting Rick Warren. He loves people. He loves Pastors. He doesn’t actually know me from Adam, yet he hugged me and told me he loved me, and I wasn’t the only one. He exudes encouragement as well as vision. God has his hand on Rick’s ministry and I’ve so appreciated this week so far… and that’s just day #1!

Oh, I also ate Thai food and had Starbucks with some new-found friends – good stuff all the way around! Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember to start taking pictures!

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