Say Yes to God - Kay Warren

Saying “Yes” and Saying “I Surrender”

are pretty much the same when it comes to our life with God. I’m not sure why this thought didn’t occur to me until I watched this video from Kay Warren…

Say Yes to God - Kay WarrenYou can read more in Kay’s book, Say Yes to God: A Call to Courageous Surrender.

Jim Carrey made a movie called Yes Man in which he makes a commitment to say “yes” to every opportunity that comes along, no matter what it is (no, I’m not endorsing the movie). He learns this technique for living from a sort of whacky guru who winds up confessing that the philosophy certainly has flaws and Carrey’s character experiences the effects of those flaws in the film. On the positive side, he changes radically from being a guy who shuns company, lacks ambition, and turns everything down into a guy who lives with vitality, embracing each new adventure.

It’s a good parable for us. Some of us have gotten into the habit of saying “no” to everything. We desire the comfortable confines of our safe zones. Saying “yes” to God might cost us time, money, our reputation, or our cushy life. On the other hand, saying “yes” also opens us up to the real adventure God intended us to live – the life of chasing Him, risking all for Him, and squeezing life for all that its worth while we’re here.

“Surrender” might sound negative or threatening. “Yes” might sound naive or pie-in-the-sky. But “I surrender” and “yes” make up the core of how we should respond to God, not only in the big things (i.e. moving across the globe for missions) but also in the little things (stopping to offer an encouraged word to someone who is visibly upset). So… what do you say?

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