Sweet Eggs from a Sweet Wife

Sunday in Retrospect

Sweet Eggs from a Sweet Wife

Sundays are special. My week begins on Monday, as yours does, but my week as a Pastor culminates not in punching the clock on Friday afternoon but when I finally walk in my door on Sunday night. Yes, there are some breaks built in there, but Sundays are pretty important and intense days in many respects.

Today was a good one. Here’s why…

  • My sweet, sweet wife bought me a box of Cadbury cream eggs. She bought them on Saturday, but I finished them off on Sunday!
  • I preached a message that burned on my heart about Jesus’ Finest Hour. I loved preaching it.
  • We tried out new software for presentations, EasyWorship to be exact, and after a few kinks it worked like a charm. We’re throwing some surprises in the mix soon. I like technology… a lot!
  • A little boy named Garrett was baptized by his Dad, one of our Deacons, Jason. It was a sweet moment for everybody – especially for Garrett… and Jesus!
  • Our mission team to Haiti reported on their trip. It was heart-breaking and gut-wrenching to see the conditions of that land. We were reminded that our brothers and sisters in Christ are there trying to minister to their shaken community.
  • I stood in line at Walmart… I deserve hell, so standing in line at Walmart isn’t so bad.
  • Samuel is kicking his Momma so hard it hurts, which actually brings me great joy. I’m sorting out the motives on that… ;)

How was your day of worship?

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