Bethel's Sunrise Service

Sunday in Retrospect

Brandon Living

Bethel's Sunrise Service

Bethel's Sunrise Service View

Easter Sunday is always a highlight. Some of my favorite moments were…

  • Watching the sunrise over the hill across the valley – Bethel is situated in an absolutely beautiful spot for scenes like the one above.
  • Breakfast was served by the Young Adult class and included Krispy Kreme!
  • Listening to S. M. Lockridge’s famous “That’s My King.” A classic, worth hearing a thousand times over.
  • Hearing our church sing – the congregation, the leaders, and Bethel’s brand new grand piano. The tags were removed Sunday morning and Georgie played it awesomely minutes later!
  • Preaching! Presenting the power of the resurrection of Jesus to change lives is always a huge and exhilarating privilege.
  • The Easter Egg hunt – love watchin’ kids find eggs.
  • Grillin’ steaks and having a great lunch with the family – my wife can cook!!
  • Baseball’s opening day… finally! Enough with basketball, bring in the real sport! (And hey, feel free to glance at my fantasy team, the Arkansas Knights!)
  • Playing Lego Star Wars and a card game with Ella… that makes for a sweet Sunday!
  • Watching my very pregnant wife struggle to get around. Strange to include as a “highlight” but it’s fun in a wow-he’s-comin’-soon sorta way!

What was your Easter Sunday like? Share a highlight?

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