We’re almost to the 30-week mark of Angie’s pregnancy. I get to feel Samuel kicking, turning cartwheels, and giving me high-five’s when I put my hand on her stomach. Last night we painted the nursery. The bedding is in. We’re slowly stockpiling diapers and getting ready for the big day.

While painting last night, my mind began to wander and I started asking myself questions that can only be answered as time unfolds.

  • What’s Samuel going to look like?
  • Will he sleep through the night?
  • Will he like his room?
  • Will he play baseball?
  • Can I convince Angie to let him play football?
  • Will he be an introvert like the rest of us?
  • Will he have bright blond hair like I did?
  • Will he be born with hair at all?
  • Will he be crafty and creative?
  • Will he hate sweet potatoes like I do?
  • Will he like me? Will he want to hang with his Daddy?
  • Will he be godly?
  • Will he find a godly wife?
  • Will I be a good Dad to him?

I don’t have answers, just questions, but it’s fun asking them right now. I’m getting a little nervous, a lot excited, and quite giddy. I can’t wait to meet you Samuel David! We’re gonna have an awesome time!

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